Life is a broken illusion the artists who split

Life is a broken illusion: the schizophrenia artists original title: life is a broken illusion: those artists who · schizophrenia; high, self portrait, Vincent van · 1889 · high nobody don’t know this painting sunflower. He died after the death of unknown, but no one knows, people know he painted "starry night", know he was down, know that he is the one that cut off his ear. Van · high letter to his brother Theo "I know people injured and can heal, but I do not know whether the broken brain can heal." In January 28, 1889, van · high wrote in a letter to his brother theo. By the end of 1888, where a high incidence of ·. He and Gauguin (Paul Gauguin, 1848 – 1903) a dispute on art, and that should depict the world of his imagination, and the · high insisted drawn from real life, when quarreling intense, van · high suddenly lost control and cut off his ear. After a few years, and wrote in his notes, then all · had high; with a razor to threaten her, but may be out of the van · high protection, he chose not to talk about it. The doctor drew the letter Rey van · high incomplete local newspaper to · all ears; high cut ear reported incidents of Gauguin’s notes in the next six months, where the high incidence of · two times, he had heard the eerie song in the brain, and drink a pot of turpentine in an attempt to kill himself. His neighbors knew he was living with a "madman", so he was detained by a joint petition. Where the collapse of · high: "I have never hurt anyone, and I am not a danger……" The neighbor’s petition on May 1889, in the physical and mental suffering all · high in Saint Remy asylum. The attending physician Felix Rey (· Dr Fé LIX Rey) he believes that excessive intake of caffeine and alcohol, and the food intake is insufficient, cause epilepsy. From then on, until he died at the end of 1890, van · high state of good and bad, the onset of trance, and swallowing pigment, drink talk rubbish in the lamp kerosene…… At first he insisted on the devil’s struggle, and never create, but a number of torture so that he was tired, slowly more and more desperate, began to paint the memories of childhood living place. Van · high hospital courtyard, 1889 (Vincent van Gogh Courtyard of the Hospital, 1889, Oskar Reinhart Collection, Winterthur) Saint Remy Yuan Jingtang mental hospital相关的主题文章:

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