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Autumn in Linzhi (with beautiful autumn charming Chinese?) – Tibet channel — original title: autumn with Linzhi (China beautiful autumn charming autumn stained storied?). East autumn Bomi glacier photo. Lu Jie photo in the observation region east of leaves. Newspaper reporter Han Junjie photo in Niyang River winds over the Linhai in gold. By the morning of Tibet Linzhi Lu Dong Tian Langzhen Zha Xigang village, misty. Cenglinjinran, the wooden fence enclosed pasture grass is golden. The villagers PEMA Quzhen home 7 people, has 6 years of office family hotel. The room next to the hut, covered with a good production of the Tibetan incense pork, exudes a delicious. 68 families in the village of 48 households opened a family hotel, an average annual income of $130 thousand." Xigang village village committee director Zhang said that the villagers live more and more affluent, thanks to the restoration and protection of the forest. "Destroy a forest recovery than a much easier, the protection of ecological forestry is the most of the people do" Linzhi forest, fir, spruce, touch the sky, rich in forest resources was the main source of Finance in Linzhi. According to statistics, in the comprehensive logging, Linzhi 7 counties (districts) in average 4 to 5 logging field, and Rouland forest is Pakistan should be one of the main forest farm. When the highest price of wood, pine wood can be sold to 300 yuan per cubic meter, tall and straight timber up to $five hundred or six hundred. In addition to the professional logging team, farmers and herdsmen have to climb the mountains. Rouland forest management and protection team captain Mithanbuga still remember the logging scenario. "One across the forest hill is bare, become a few days, and the fallen fir at least hundreds of years old, two or three people to encircle." Mithanbuga pointed to a small fir on a hill in the distance. It was later planted, and it was only twenty or thirty years old. "Disorderly deforestation caused a series of ecological problems, such as mudslides, landslides and other disasters." Tibet Lin Shengsen industry limited liability company deputy secretary Yang Jiayou in 1991 to work, has been working in the forest industry for 25 years. Although the profession is logging, but to see such a good tree fell, or very tangled." Yang Jiayou said, it is much easier to destroy a forest than to restore a piece, to protect the ecological environment is the most important thing to do." Lulanglinhai the forest coverage rate is about 5% per year growth rate of the forest for the United States, with Lin Weifu "" everyone is eco warriors "and other slogans, now can be seen everywhere in Linzhi. In the late 90s of last century, "wood finance" began to fade out of Linzhi. Lu Jie, associate professor of plateau ecological research in Tibet Institute of agriculture and animal husbandry, lulanglinhai forest coverage rate is increasing at a rate of 5% per year, in addition to a number of roads, buildings, the forest has been basically saturated. 10 years, Linzhi city through the implementation of vegetation restoration and desertification control and afforestation projects in key areas, the forest coverage rate reached 47.6%, biodiversity restoration. Lulanglinhai many tall fir, the reporter saw the branches covered with usnea. "Taiwan is very sensitive to the environment, once the ecological destruction would not grow." Luger)相关的主题文章:

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