Long life does not really look long face long face candy boy

Longevity longevity is not really look at the face long face long what kind of "Huang Di the pivot",? Huang Di asked his teacher: "Qi Bo in the general population, those who can have a hundred people, what is the secret?" The teacher replied: Qi Bo from the face or inheritance can be seen. First, these people make Yi long". "Make the way", refers to our noses, that is to say, these people’s noses are higher than the average person. "Sui", refers to the tunnel, indicating that these people’s nasal cavity than the average person to be deep and long. So a long nose and nose high, relatively easy to longevity. Second, these people "base wall to high side". "Base wall" on behalf of a person’s stomach, the growth of the people first of all, based on the mother, the father as the people who are born from the parents of the genetic blood is relatively rich. "Wall" is rich, is reflected in the face on the cheeks and chin fat mandibular joint. Mandibular joints, we chew, eat when commonly used facial organs, a person’s digestive function depends on the jaw joints. Nowadays many entertainers to face, usually cut thin are mandibular joint (also called Chinese Jiache), mandibular joint thinning is not conducive to human digestion. So "wall to Party", refers to a person’s digestive function, can be very good to eat after grain into essence, nourish the body. Many young women, had a wide face, and later because of cosmetic damage to the facial structure, it is easy to damage their health. The material basis of the body, the birth of its corresponding blood circulation, will determine the structure of our face. I think also cannot say the ancient physiognomy that completely unfounded, we have such a visceral manifestation will have such.相关的主题文章:

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