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"Love forever" Premiere "mother-in-law" Keri double play national broadcasting Sohu Keri Keri Keri photo stills entertainment entertainment Sohu directed by Liu Xin, Keri, Liu Tao, Huang Jue, Han Tongsheng, Ye Zuxin, Pan Chen starring urban family emotional comedy "love" in the million long live tonight (September 8th) landing in Zhejiang tv. With the "national mother-in-law" said Keri’s mother once again challenge the image is different in this new drama is her mother-in-law is also the wife’s mother, and Liu Tao’s daughter also staged "mother and daughter sisters". In the marriage of their children to worry about their own at the same time, but unfortunately the met in marriage "Twilight danger", so rich in three-dimensional characters, prompting Keri himself said that if Miss will regret. It is believed that the director will open a new pattern of emotional comedy. The trailer was released, netizens have said the "pretty flowers" (played by Keri) full of expectations, finally look forward to Keri once again return to the screen. Keri is not only a new mother-in-law mother-in-law is also to join Liu Tao interpretation of "mother and sisters Keri knife mouth tofu heart mother-in-law Tian Shuyun in" naked marriage age ", she is just paranoid mother Mei Chaoying in the recent hit series" Kung Fu "in the interpretation of the law, although so many classic screen mother, but this time in love" Happy Birthday to you "the pretty flowers for Keri is a new challenge, she is likely to become the next Keri classic role. There is a dual identity of the mother and mother-in-law, and Liu Tao played the daughter is more like a pair of sisters flower, treat her son-in-law and daughter have the same high standards, which also makes her contradictory. More exciting is the drama of great length about pretty flowers their love story, the children, as parents "womanishly fussy" broken heart. Dual psychological drama broadcast when the pretty flowers will once again lead to social discussion. Pretty flowers on the "Twilight marriage encounter danger" "your husband" and "old rich handsome bombarded Keri’s pretty flowers and Han Tongsheng plays Jin Zhiyang, the old couple, but suffered emotional crisis, erhun also appeared a" old rich handsome, pretty flowers with this multiple character roles, not only to find the son and daughter-in-law can have double standards, to pursue their own love and her ex husband also has a double feelings, such a complex set provides a guarantee for the wonderful drama, on the other hand Keri’s acting has put forward higher requirements, and has always been you have high requirements for her this is excellence, and strive to deduce three-dimensional live pretty flowers on the screen. A romantic romantic evening on the screen will kick off tonight. In addition, Keri starred in "Kung Fu" law has also entered into the two round of play, the night is Yunnan TV hit.相关的主题文章:

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