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Man 6 years riding 10 km only for the collection of shoes (original title: Mianzhu man 6 years riding more than 10 kilometers only for the collection of shoes (Figure)) for shoes Zhao Hua (left). Zhao Hua’s bike map of Sichuan news network Deyang news November 18th by the respondents (reporter Zhou Hong photo coverage) collect a lot of stamps, commemorative banknotes and other things, but the collection of shoes, especially shoes with national characteristics are few. Zhao Hua of Mianzhu is one of the few. He spent 6 years, riding more than 10 kilometers, around 56 people gathered more than 300 pairs of shoes. These shoes reflect the history and culture of our country." Zhao Hua said, intends to write a book about shoes, tells the story behind the shoes. The resignation of the world bicycle only for collection of shoes to say some unbelievable, this year more than 40 year old Zhao Hua bell from his suffering from beriberi for collecting shoes. Zhao Hua of the time of the student likes to play football, often cover his feet airtight, the sweat out of the row in the shoes. Dry wet, wet and dry, gradually gave birth to beriberi. "The foot is very urticant, often want to scratch, but wearing shoes can only use the foot and shoe friction itching." Zhao Hua said, was thinking, if there is a pair of breathable, comfortable shoes to wear, and determined to design a pair of good shoes. Thus, Zhao Hua began to deliberately through newspapers, magazines and other information on the collection of shoes. In the process, he gradually learned about the shoes of ethnic minorities, and like them. Later, Zhao Hua began to work in a company, a few years down, two point line of life gradually made him feel boring, coupled with the business downturn. Zhao Hua simply quit his job, he picked up the data collected before the shoe, make a bold decision. "I’m going to collect these shoes." At first, Zhao Hua said, he was interested in the shoes. In 2001, Zhao Hua carries 15000 yuan, with some daily necessities, riding a bike of the first station, he went to Yunnan. "Here’s a lot of minorities." What’s interesting is that Zhao Hua’s bike is very special. He disguised his bicycle as the shape of a shoe, which looked like a shoe on the road. "This is in order to attract others, they will take the initiative to find you." Zhao Hua said, if you ask a pair of shoes, the other side may be alert, and this type of bicycle shoes as signs, expressed what he did. Source: Sichuan News Network (Chengdu)相关的主题文章:

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