Man gunmen kidnapped Shanghai daughter to Yancheng across the Lu Su Shanghai robbery invictus gaming

Man gunmen kidnapped Shanghai daughter to Yancheng across the Lu Su Shanghai robbed a gunman holding a pair of mother and daughter to Yancheng, a young mother in a kindergarten in the city of Nanyang road to pick her daughter home, was a more than and 30 year old man with a gun Yin mougang hostage to the Jiangsu Yancheng road. In June this year, Jiangsu and Shanghai across Shandong in the robbery, Yin mougang robbed 9200 yuan and a mobile phone. Recently, the Jingan District court to robbery verdict Yin mougang was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and fined 20 thousand yuan. The 30 year old Yin mougang, Shandong jinan. To the crime before he owed nearly $about 2000000 of foreign debt, the germination of the idea of robbery in big cities. In June 6th this year, 16 am, he carries a gun simulation to buy from the Internet to go to a Nanyang road kindergarten. He saw a young mother drove luxury cars Lee is pick up her daughter from school, Lee ready to leave, he quickly opened the right rear door into the car, and holding a gun don’t touch simulation. See Lee daughter at gunpoint between the eyebrows, said you can withdraw money from the ATM to him, but was rejected. Yin was worried about being found, ordered Lee has been moving towards the suburbs, and avoid the overhead camera. On the way, Lee in Kunshan, a teller machine to obtain 9200 yuan, to the other side. While the Yin mougang attention, she quietly to help the small supermarket clerk, hope the other party can alarm. Yin mougang after that, in order to intimidate Lee, out of the window to open one gun. Lee’s family did not see her daughter home, call Lee and, from time to time the granddaughter cries, the family feel the mother and daughter had an accident, quickly alarm. The next day at 0 PM, Yin mougang think they already had money, he got out of the car and asked Lee to leave. Lee then alarm, the police arrested the Yin mougang. The court held that the Yin mougang rob other people’s property, the act constitutes a crime. In view of the Yin mougang after appearing in court can voluntarily confessed his crimes, and exit money in the family’s help, then the court verdict 8 years imprisonment and fined 20 thousand yuan. Hot news: Shanghai prosecutors on suspicion of bribery Dai Haibo, concealing offshore deposits prosecution case Shanghai vehicle inspection system was totally paralyzed owner: tomorrow is 200 +3 the people buy second-hand housing in the landlord had died by signing Oolong couple on the Hong Kong team dinner for Conca Shanghai top luxury exposure (Figure) He Jiong was rushed to the hospital in Shanghai the operation due to metal insert leg (Figure) weather forecast: Shanghai Wednesday the temperature only 10 degrees to 7 degrees to cool the cliff next week相关的主题文章:

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