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Maoming more than 10 homeowners in the two yard siege gunman shot over the wall to escape the day before yesterday, Maoming Dianbai occurred breathtaking scene: a group of armed men attacked a farmhouse, shooting more than ten times. During peaceful times, who is so rampant? Local police immediately involved in the investigation. Mr. ye lived in Maoming electric white Dan Chang Zhen, more than 4 points the day before yesterday afternoon, a dozen men riding 4 cars, his family’s courtyard surrounded by then the man from the car took a few shotgun into the yard, the muzzle aimed at mr.. Mr Yip told reporters that this group of people to catch him to write four hundred thousand IOUs, he refused to write, a gunman who opened a gun, hit his ribs, he ran and was also a gun gun hit the ankle. At that time, Mr. Yip is home to a few friends witnessed all this. According to eyewitnesses, this group of people from the yard outside the fire has been opened to the yard to go inside, the whole process opened more than and 10 shots. Mr Yip said that this group of people first Cheng (transliteration), in the local loan shark, more than two years ago he had a way to borrow 12 million houses, 15 agreed repayment end. But two years since Mr Yip said he has more than 30 cumulative repayment, 2 times more than that of the loan, but still a way to ask for payment. Before the siege, the home also was sprayed with red paint, then it has reached 150 thousand, but in a way to give. Mr. Ye was shot and wounded, immediately jump to climb the roof of the family fled the scene, but the other is still anger not disappear, take Mr. Ye built new buildings to vent their anger. The reporter saw in Mr. Ye’s yard, regardless of the window, or behind the iron wall, there are multiple bullet shooting traces at the scene also found some suspected shotgun fired bullets. According to witnesses, the police investigation to the scene when the light is the shotgun shells found a dozen. Currently, Mr. Yip is being treated in hospital, the injury is not serious. Editor: GDN006相关的主题文章:

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