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"The Mekong" show extended 1 months cumulative box office breaking 1 billion 100 million – Sohu "entertainment Mekong action" poster Zhang Hanyu Eddie Peng through the jungle "ultimate Mekong" key for one month extension of the release end time extended to December 4th Sohu entertainment news "action" on the Mekong River, from September 30th to today, has run for 29 days. At the same time, the film in Hongkong, Macao, Taiwan area Chinese, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Malaysia, Oceania, Australia, New Zealand, and the north area of the United States, Canada and other countries released, also attracted widespread attention and praise. As of press time, the box office has reached 1 billion 115 million, the success of the year in the domestic box office at the box office, the cumulative box office more than the Transformers 3, successfully entered the mainland’s total box office history TOP20. "The Mekong River action" national release date of harvest only 40 million 460 thousand yuan at the box office (with video), but with a reputation, played a strong counter attack curve. From October 4th onwards, for 17 consecutive days, won the single day box office champion Championship attendance and admissions champion. In addition, the Mekong River action viewing passengers also successfully exceeded 30 million, becoming the year’s viewing of the domestic film ranked third. Up to now, the Mekong action is the 2016 Chinese film market in the general audience and professional areas are relatively high satisfaction of the film. After the video, the film side announced a "hidden end", a number of public security departments and the media of the official micro-blog account, micro-blog well-known large spontaneous forwarding, users see after the tears ran, "drug hero, diamond die" blessing spread.     today, Bona Film Group officially released two heavy surprise. A key extension, "the Mekong River action" scheduled schedule for the September 30, 2016 -2016 year in October 30th, it was decided to nationwide key one month extension release end time extended to December 4th. Notice is hereby notified. At present, the Mekong "action" is still in the position of the two single day box office of the mainland, in a month on a stage, film, love for the people brush a few times before, on the other hand, because of busy work have no time to see the movie the police Comrades, this is to have enough the time to see the big screen movie. Two, Bona group initiated charity show: National Police, police officers, fire officers and soldiers are free to view shadow during the National Day holiday, on duty at the national police, police officers, fire officers and soldiers at the time, many of them because the job is busy, no time to watch the national day of the schedule to release the film "the Mekong River action". In this case, Bona film group decided to thank the police, police officers, fire officers and soldiers for the state and the people made hard work contribution, from November 1st onwards, the public security police with valid documents, free to watch the movie "action in the Mekong River Bona theater". Bona expected in this way of fighting in the frontline drug salute the policemen who hope this work is more people see, to "forget the history of britain.相关的主题文章:

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