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Men buy lottery cheats cheated 80 thousand crooks can predict I will not go to cheat – Beijing northeast network September 9th news recently, Qigihar Fuyu County police uncovered two cases with "online brush credit rebate, sell Shuangseqiu lottery cheats" model as a means of telecommunications fraud cases, involving more than 35 yuan. Brush credit rebate cheated more than 26 yuan in March this year, residents of Fuyu County Guo in line to see a recruitment brush reputation part-time information, they felt profitable, contact, the other told Guo, each brush of a business can be outside the principal in rebate. So, Mr. Kwak to each other to remit 120 yuan, and in accordance with the requirements of the other party to a single brush, the first single business is completed, the other really will be the principal and 126 yuan rebate money to a bank card guo. So easy to make money, Guo want to brush a large list. The other told Guo, the biggest business is a list of 12 thousand yuan, 600 yuan rebate, Guo went to each other to remit 12 thousand yuan. Soon, Kwak has completed second single business, the other party has said there is a problem in information system, can not see, let Kwak then brush pen business up to rebate. In this way, Guo has done 22 pen business, a total of remitted to $264 thousand. After the other lost contact. Fuyu County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade after investigation, on August 27th in Fujian Chen captured the suspect, Chen confessed to the crime. Purchase Shuangseqiu lottery cheats cheated more than 80 thousand in May 14th this year, Fuyu County residents a high reported that he was fraudsters to sell Shuangseqiu cheats by defrauding money 88 thousand yuan. In April this year, Hu on the Internet to sell Shuangseqiu winning cheats software under the pretext of enticement,. In May 9th, the victim of a high on the web to find this software, and in Hu’s trick, buy lottery software. When a high open software and enter the code, found the issue winning number software prediction and lottery numbers are exactly the same, it is proposed to extract code requirements in Shuangseqiu lottery before. Hu told a high, want to get the code in front of the lottery, must first apply for a membership card, and pay 88 thousand yuan fee. So, thinking of the high prize in a certain, did not hesitate to Hu remittances 88 thousand yuan. Hu confessed after being arrested, he in each issue of lottery sales deadline, to buy software to a human hair extraction code, you can see the code input extraction software prediction number and current lottery numbers are exactly the same. In fact, the extraction code is already announced lottery numbers. Hu admitted that if you can predict the winning number beforehand, I do not have to lie to you, not to buy a lottery directly developed." (Shi Tianyi Zhang Aimin)相关的主题文章:

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