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HUAWEI 2099 Nova from the October 14th evening news, HUAWEI held a new conference in Chengdu officially launched Nova mobile phone, priced at $2099. The HUAWEI invited Zhang Yixing and as a spokesperson for Nova products, but also highlights the flagship of the young fashion product line. At the conference site HUAWEI mobile phone product line President He Gang said that the new Nova series represents young, entertainment, fashion. In appearance, Nova overall feel mellow. Positive selection of 1080P resolution 5 inch screen, covering 2.5D arc glass panel. The body part adopts the metal structure, the frame and the high light and chamfer cutting, back body area of the sand blasting process that a very thin. The top 12 million rear camera and flash area alone made glaze processing. In the configuration, Nova using Qualcomm Xiaolong 625 chip (integrated Adreno 506 GPU), with 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM storage combination. Rear 12 million pixel camera supports 4K video recording, and PDFA phase CAF focus and contrast focus mode; front 8 million pixel camera, support real-time self beauty and depth of beauty function. Nova support dual sim dual standby full Netcom 4G, built-in 3020 MAH battery. Equipped with Android 6 based on the EMUI 3.1 system, which HUAWEI music has a genuine license of the first more than and 20 and exclusive resources of the album. Fingerprint recognition, HUAWEI still adhere to the consistent postposition. In addition to unlocking the function also supports gesture sensing area operation, long press the touch can be photographed, answer calls, stop the alarm clock, sliding touch can drop the notification bar or browse the switch. "A fast pay function can enter the payment interface in particular black fingers. In the value-added services, Nova offers 1 yuan for three months for the first 50 thousand members of video phone users, three users receive a HUAWEI purchase 3 months reading interest, the first month of the user to purchase a complimentary broken screen insurance. Price, HUAWEI Nova CNC high Version (4G+64G) price of 2399 yuan, the standard version is priced at 2099 yuan (3G+32G). October 14th 20:58 online first sales, the first line in the 10:08 line in October 15th. Sina comments: from the product point of view, the positioning of HUAWEI Nova seems to copy OPPO, vivo mode. End processor + enough in the selection of memory combinations, the camera under the ruthless in appearance and strength, and then invite popular small beauty little meat endorsement. This routine is not the road before HUAWEI. So from the perspective of the brand dimension, in the case of the smart phone market is saturated for a long time, how to break through the original tone mining new generation of user groups is the focus of the next HUAWEI to consider. (Cheng Yuan)相关的主题文章:

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