Metro Line 7 West half ring municipal facilities completed successfully reached traffic conditions

Metro Line 7 West half ring municipal facilities completed successfully reached traffic conditions of Chengdu Metro Line 7 municipal facilities bridge project in the western half of the ring all successfully completed, and achieve the traffic conditions – reporter Li Guodong 18 in the afternoon, with the loop in Wuyang Avenue overpass was built and with the traffic conditions, marking the Chengdu Metro Line 7 municipal facilities bridge the project successfully completed all the western half of the ring and achieve traffic conditions, also marks the Chengdu loop in the western half of the ring will restore two-way traffic, but also to the people. In the western half of the ring road bridge and municipal facilities are station and line 7. Line 7 weir synchronous construction of a product the world stand for a world Street viaduct, synchronous construction of Qingshui River bridge overpass, and line 7 to Wuhou Avenue station synchronous construction of Wuhou Shuangnan bridge. Among them, a world Street viaduct 17 meters wide, four lanes; Qingshui River overpass for semi interchange structure which is provided with two ramp increase vehicles to turn left out of town when the conversion ability, ramp width of 8 meters, the main bridge 17 meters wide, four lanes; Wuhou Shuangnan interchange three layer separated interchange, ray direction the bridge is 23.5 meters wide, six lane two-way link direction of the bridge is 17 meters wide, two-way four lane. In the loop of municipal facilities bridge is completed, will greatly improve the urban area of Chengdu west area traffic congestion, improve greatly in loop capacity, not only to divert huge traffic for the two loop, 3rd Ring Rd, more on several important node "ten" intersection traffic organization ability. Especially the Qingshui River overpass and Wuhou Shuangnan overpass, the two main roads plane improvement of traffic organization for the three-dimensional traffic organization, reduce the conversion of traffic lights traffic, improve the traffic capacity; at the same time because is located in traffic thoroughfare, densely populated, for the surrounding residents to provide a convenient travel. In the whole process of construction, the subway company organized the participation of all parties to overcome the narrow space, complex underground pipeline, transportation difficulties, to ease the traffic pressure, from the surrounding residential difficulties. In order to ensure the safe and efficient construction, promote the early realization of road also to the people, the subway company also organized the participation of all parties, careful planning to accelerate the establishment of the network, and the opening group, to strengthen the construction organization, construction investment, increase on-site duty duty and refine the process of convergence and other kinds of security measures; in addition, in order to ensure the normal travel of citizens during the day, the subway company will transport and installation work are arranged in the morning, the scene to take 24 hours of uninterrupted operation, raced to ensure an early opening, also said to the people. Synchronous broadcast on the 21 day been Avenue and its surrounding highway traffic organization adjustment morning news (reporter Liu Rui) for the protection of been (3rd Ring Rd to Beltway Road) reconstruction project smooth implementation of the second stage of the maintenance construction of road safety and smooth flow of road traffic, from September 21, 2016 to January 25, 2017, been (3rd Ring Rd Shiling Avenue Interchange to the beltway) and the surrounding traffic organization will make adjustments. Travel, for the convenience of the public yesterday, Chengdu Branch police five provides a bypass line for the public. – specific adjustment 1, 3rd Ring Rd Shiling interchange direction out of the city and the main bridge.相关的主题文章:

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