More warming throughout Liaoning soared 10 degrees the temperature of this week trot (video)

More warming throughout Liaoning soared 10 degrees the temperature of this week ran the first snow of the year, a sudden visit last week durian. After the rain, is also a "cliff" strong cold air cooling, let us be caught off guard ~ Shenyang weather beauty explosion 11.3 why the weather is cold will have a runny nose? Heating began to feel like temperature, air heating warm air, also began to rise. From today until Friday, the highest temperature trot…… according to this rhythm, but the temperature soared to 10 degrees C +. From Wednesday to Friday, temperatures in Shenyang are expected to pick up, with the highest temperatures expected to return to more than 10 degrees Celsius by Friday! These 2 days will be warmer day by day. The weather in Liaoning today the province’s cloudy, wind power is weak, the temperature will be 1 – 4 C temperature. The maximum temperature at noon can reach 7 – 15 C, it is recommended that you wear a coat or thick sweater coat. Liaoning temperatures are expected to say goodbye to zero on Friday morning, the highest temperature will reach more than and 10 degrees throughout the day. But the weather is cloudy, the air humidity is big, there is wind, not conducive to the spread of pollutants, is expected to have a mild to moderate pollution. The weekend with the new cold air to turn down the temperature, air quality is improved. Next Monday is the beginning of winter solar term, ushered in a new surge of cold air, "cold air" overlay, northern Liaoning highest temperature will drop to near freezing. The average temperature in October this year, the province’s 0.2 degrees lower than in previous years, the 10 days earlier than usual. Which Shenyang in October this year, an average of 1 degrees colder than in previous years.相关的主题文章:

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