Net exposure of a building in Nanning real estate floor collapse occurred in response to developers sayu-02

Net exposure of a building in Nanning real estate floor collapse occurred in response to the developer site. Users for map South China Morning Post reporter Jiang Feng   the two day, a few "Nanning a real estate construction floor collapse" photos circulated on the internet. Netizens said that the real estate is located in five as the District of Nanning City Road 15, Liang Xing Yu Garden district. This incident has caused the majority of buyers speculation and discussion. The afternoon of September 27th, the South China Morning Post reporter went to the real estate visits, the result was taken from mobile phone to delete photos. The same day, the residential developers – Nanning Tianyu Conrad Properties Limited notice, "said the construction quality problem is not caused by the collapse of Internet rumours".   netizens said in the construction of real estate collapse in these two days, there are a lot of online news, said floor five as the District of Nanning Tianyu Garden District No. 4 block in the construction of the building collapsed, the appearance is very serious. Then, there have been a lot of photos of the collapse on the internet. A buyers said, when buying a house, listening to the sales staff said, Tianyu garden is divided into a number of plots, covers an area of about 350 acres, a total construction area of 1 million 200 thousand square meters, the planning and construction of 62 high-rise residential buildings, a total of more than 8 thousand owners, will be built to accommodate more than 30 thousand people as the District five first a large residential community. He said: "now, 4 plots of the building has not been built on the collapse, so how to ensure the quality of housing? How to live in peace?" Have purchased Tianyu Garden residential housing of the prospective owners, the owners in the QQ group also blasted the pot, put forward a variety of questions about the quality of housing and other issues. Tianyu garden developers issued notice. The reporter visited the scene blocked according to users’ guide, 27 more than 6 pm, reporters came to the Yu Garden 4 plots outside, saw the construction workers left the site one by one, to the 7 block direction. Several workers said that the incident occurred in the 4 block of 4-1 District, is a building in the building. After the incident, some people were injured, they can not get close, do not know the specific circumstances. Subsequently, the reporters came to the gate of No. 4 block, two workers sitting in the door. The reporter pointed to the mobile phone users to provide pictures about the site of the incident, a worker pointed to the deep site. Because of not wearing a safety helmet, the reporter did not go deep to the construction site, followed by several men wearing a red helmet stopped: "what are you doing?" When the reporter pointed to the picture on the phone to ask the other side, a man grabbed a cell phone, trying to delete photos of the site. In this case, the reporter to produce a reporter card, indicating the intention of the interview, but the other side said, I can not find the leadership, while leaving the reporter to leave immediately. Wearing a blue hat according to the workers revealed that the site wearing a red helmet people are leading, they just don’t say it. Developers notice in response to questions reporters from Nanning, Tianyu Garden owners group learned that, when many buyers questioned the collapse, called "developers" on behalf of the group of friends said: Dear owners, we feel we can understand, we have the first time.相关的主题文章:

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