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No. 16 typhoon malakas today in Ningbo reservoir flood control dispatching is the key of Ningbo reservoir flood control dispatching is the key of this year 14 typhoon "Meranti" effect gradually far, the 16 typhoon "malakas followed. How to prepare the city’s current response? Shifang Zhi regime and scheduling group leader Yan Wenwu said in an interview with reporters, Shifang Zhi is the scientific planning for flood control plan. Reservoir flood, has always been the key to reduce the pressure on the city during the typhoon flood relief pressure." Yan Wenwu said, in the face of No. 14 typhoon "Meranti" heavy rainfall process, large and medium-sized reservoirs in our city flood clipping effect, a total of 220 million cubic meters of water blocking flood, which in large and medium sized reservoirs Yongjiang river reservoir flood can effectively avoid all stopped, " three meet "adverse conditions of flood and tide superposition reduce the downstream flood control pressure. He also said that because of the autumn typhoon situation is complex, it is difficult to forecast, "Meranti" bring me the rain greatly exceeded expectations, causing the water level of our city reservoir surge. As at 16 o’clock, the city’s 32 large and medium-sized reservoirs of water storage capacity of 954 million cubic meters, water storage capacity of up to 94.4% of the amount of water storage capacity of up to 18. Especially the Hengshan reservoir, Jiaokou reservoir, white river reservoir 7 large and medium reservoirs has exceeded the flood control water level, and there are 21 small reservoirs over flood control water level of reservoir flood, bearing capacity greatly reduced. If the recent encounter typhoon or local heavy rainfall, reservoir post flood pressure." Yan Wenwu told reporters, according to the weather forecast, the 16 typhoon "malakas" will influence in our city today and tomorrow, and possibly again in our city to bring heavy rain. If so, it will bring a very negative impact on reservoir safety." He said that although the 16 typhoon rainfall forecast is still uncertain, in order to ensure the safe operation of the safety of life and property and the reservoir, according to the principle of reservoirs and the relevant provisions in the "malakas" before the arrival of flood control reservoir water level must as soon as possible to restore to the flood control water level, flood control capacity to make against No. 16 typhoon test. Yan Wenwu introduced, in order to ensure the dead people, less injury, less loss, under the consideration of the 14 typhoon disaster relief and well against Typhoon No. 16 most fully prepared in case, yesterday afternoon, Shifang Zhi has convened experts analyzed the current situation of our city reservoir against Taiwan, scientific planning of the reservoir flood control plan. Specific will be based on the further analysis of the 16 typhoon "malakas" consultation, to make scientific decisions and implement them. Reporter Mei Ziman相关的主题文章:

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