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Pixel phone back why use glass? Beautiful "" "" "signal is eighteen year old sky" Jinsha Li Zhinan to return to the campus, now not recognize "" "" Pixel is Google’s first mobile phone manufacturing, although the HTC is responsible for manufacturing, but the real hardware and software is responsible for Google, including industrial design, user experience. Some people think that the new phone is simply a continuation of the old HTC device design, but there is a place in Pixel and the previous phone is obviously different: the back of the phone is covered with a glass layer. Google said that the back of the glass as a symbolic element, it gives the Pixel personality and characteristics. Although the back of the glass to make the phone more beautiful, so that it stands out from the mobile world, but beautiful is not the only reason. Google spokesman told the media that the glass on the back cover there is a benefit, you can improve the performance of the antenna. The upper part of the phone back cover is 1/3 of the glass, the following is a metal, Google pipe processing technology called Glass Shade". Put a layer of glass to the phone, actually can improve signal reception, Google how to do? Pedersen, Professor of Aalborg University, Denmark (Gert Frø Lund Pederson) is an antenna testing experts, he said: "Google really do it? It is hard to say." In 2013, Pedersen made a study of the popular mobile phone, he believes that in the past 10 years, the use of all metal shell has become a trend. Recently launched smart phones (such as Pixel, iPhone 7) all use an aluminum alloy shell. Metal makes the phone more cool, but from the antenna point of view it is a disaster, because the current source close to the conductive material will lead to reduced radiation. The antenna itself is a device that can convert electrical power into radio waves, and vice versa. The transmitter makes the current oscillate at a certain radio frequency, and the oscillation is transmitted to the antenna terminal, which radiates the energy in the form of radio waves (in the form of electromagnetic radiation). When the antenna absorbs energy from the radio waves, the receiver generates an electric current. If the material is placed between the transmitter and the receiver, regardless of the form, it will interfere with the radio signal. For independent antenna, this is not what big problems, such as large telephone pole (base station), the wireless network is to rely on this kind of equipment to build, because the electric conductor is farther, the radio can be much field penetrates the building. If it is a near field communication (NFC), is not the case, the material near the antenna will play interference, when the radio waves into current or current into radio waves can occur when the energy loss, thus forming interference. An antenna is made of an electrical conductor, such as a metal. Because there is insulation around, it will cause energy loss. Glass and plastic are good insulators, and if the material has a slight electrical conductivity, the current will leak from the antenna, resulting in energy loss. Pedersen believes that if the use of pure glass, what basically no influence on the electromagnetic properties, but sometimes the modern glass cover sheet of conductive material, it is a very thin layer of metal, may completely destroy days"相关的主题文章:

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