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In the eyes of the media: Qiao Renliang will try to cooperate with others cheerful and talkative, Qiao Renliang (information) Tencent entertainment news (Wen Hu Mengying Wang Qin) yesterday (16) night, actor Qiao Renliang home in Shanghai was killed in an accident. Once the publicity personality of the "good man", will eventually freeze life in his 28 years old, and the day from his 29 birthday has been less than a month. Reporters interviewed the first time he had been exposed to the media, trying to understand as much as he said, "I want to be back to myself," the young, behind the spotlight Qiao Renliang. Good man Qiao Renliang: 20 year old pride cool the memory of Qiao Renliang a lot of people are stuck in the "good man" period, the respondents in the eyes of the media, Qiao Renliang seems to always be the mad pull cool rock boy. No wonder, when he was only 20 years old, fresh clothes horse angry. I practice in college with the term "hero" at that time, many people love Li Yifeng, but Qiao Renliang is clearly behind the Oriental tv. The game has not been announced, will give him a personal interview with reporters, Qiao Renliang had his sister was still in high school, and I practice together, said Qiao Renliang in the high school campus is very high popularity of the prince. He speaks very direct, very humorous, a look is a good feeling of the child. Everyone in the finals is optimistic about his championship. Remember the final night of the afternoon, Taiwan first gave Qiao Renliang orange sky signing conference, signing Huayi earlier than bobo. Just a few years later, he began to walk a little rock, and had poor evildoer style, all of a sudden not recognized. After a few years he played TV drama play more of the kind of affection of the male character is gentle not what the young. Feel his style has been changing do not know whether it was deliberately packaged. – entertainment reporter Xinxin ten years ago "hero" know him, that time is the sophomore, he impressed that when ye go to cool rock’n’roll, then a "four little" call, Jing Bairan, Fu Xinbo, Qiao Renliang, Li Yifeng. At that time four people debut, his popularity is really the top three, there are already very red in the two. Right now is "My Hero" for ten years. – a portal reporter actor Qiao Renliang anonymity: easygoing appearance hides Qiao Renliang himself once said, "good man" period of his special one bar. From the beginning of the 2009 film "nightclubs", Qiao Renliang chose the "actor" the identity of the continued development of their career, also showed him the other side. A reporter who interviewed Qiao Renliang felt sorry for his departure: "the brain is quick, flexible and intelligent." Qiao Renliang is my favorite one of the interview list top3, he is active, relaxed, friendly, high EQ, always gives the reporter to contact the material, many details are still visible before the eyes. The most memorable thing, however, was to talk to his mother for an hour on the phone. When the mother is what mood, dare not to think. "Shanghai TV reporter:" in fact, Qiao Renliang once told the Tencent entertainment reporter an exclusive interview in 9 days, and not strange, "he is very talkative, always laughing and joking. When the interview time is temporary for one hour later, but he was not happy, very well.相关的主题文章:

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