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Recommendation: pre sub visited Thailand Socceroos – Sohu in high and vigorous spirits game time: 2016 11.15          Tuesday   20:00: 0.96    asian handicap   Thailand           1.5        Australia; 0.86 European index: 8.50      5.00      1.25 match Preview: Tuesday Night World Cup Asian zone qualifying tournament in four, 12 strong match B group present Saudi outshines atop, second is australia. Since the team joined the AFC AFC, the overall strength of the team has been confirmed. In the 2015 Asian Cup, Australia beat South Korea in the final to win the championship, but also the first time they joined the AFC won the highest honor. In this group, which is also the top teams with, in addition to Saudi Arabia, Japan and the United Arab Emirates are tough to crack, Australia to break in the B group, the war against Thailand must win. The team has arrived in Thailand 8 days in advance to prepare for the climate here has been a certain adaptation. Lineup, veteran Cahill was called up for the national team, his return is undoubtedly greatly enhance the morale of the team and stability. Thailand is in a period of national mourning opponents, they are the only fourth team in the group phase, the team is basically impossible, even for the home court is uninterested. Asia is the Australian road chase handicap index in 1.5, with the development of the market outlook, the data further tilt the disc in the guest, has potential for the development of the 1.75 discount, hanging down to 0.80-0.85 level. Australia in the group has two consecutive war era, the war against the bottom of Thailand, the team must firepower, optimistic about the Socceroos away victory. Half the recommendation: Pingfu, outcome, negative score recommended: 0:2, 1:4 (+2) Thailand Beijing single game ball, SMG recommended: 10 let the ball Shengping Fu Thailand (+1) recommended: 0 ball, SMG football did not let the ball, recommended: 0相关的主题文章:

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