Retaining wall collapse workers injured taxi bus into the ambulance midd-885

Retaining wall collapse workers injured taxi bus turned the ambulance yesterday about 10:30 in the morning, Ganjingzi district near the airport Street Beauty Diary tree area, a retaining wall collapsed, a worker was injured in an accident, covered in blood, to be rushed to the hospital, the workers stopped the continuous community vehicles without success, critical moment, joint venture the 707 bus company turned the ambulance, the injured rushed to hospital. Burst: two or three meters high retaining wall collapsed yesterday afternoon, the reporter learned through the rebellion, the accident occurred in the Ganjingzi district near the airport Street Beauty Diary tree area, a retaining wall collapsed, according to the site to see the newspaper people to provide photos of reporters, the retaining wall is two or three meters high, wall, fence and other fell down. The place is tens of meters away, associates 707 bus station, many bus drivers also came to help. Baoliao told reporters, in this accident, a more than and 50 year old workers were injured, "the worker surnamed Xu, had been working at the site of the accident, he lost a lot of blood, the face of the body is blood." The accident occurred after the collapse of the workers will hasten the rescue, he was rescued from the collapsed. Hospital: Jitiao bus transport the injured site was dialed 120, because of the long distance, 120 emergency vehicles need twenty or thirty minutes to arrive, the workers decided to send the injured to the hospital hailed in the street, helpless, see the body of blood, a lot of taxi and social vehicle did not stop. See this situation, the joint venture 707 bus fleet Liu Yi decided not to affect the line capacity, emergency transfer to a bus, as an ambulance, sent the injured to the hospital. Responsible for driving the bus is more than and 50 year old driver Fuling Hector, Hector teacher has many years of driving experience, before they had safely treated in the car suddenly fainted passengers, and passengers will be sent to the hospital in time. This time, he spent about 20 minutes, carrying the injured workers and their families steadily arrived at Changchun Road, the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University, medical treatment for the injured for the valuable time, the injured workers and the families of the 707 bus fleet this move to express heartfelt thanks.相关的主题文章:

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