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Rise and blow second! Which girl cartoonist is good at painting now more and more fans began to boast of "old driver". As a result, they will focus on the focus of the work on the sister can not cute. So what are the young cartoonist, very good at drawing a beautiful girl? Recently, the Japanese media conducted a survey. Among them, the first place is Gui Zhenghe. He has led the industry’s "fat revolution", and draw the girl super cute, that looks very soft feeling, but also show amazing quality. But in recent years, Gui Zhenghe is more focused on the serious story. But those love comedies were popular. As for the row in the second is out of the bag Wang female teacher Yabuki Kentaro. At present he is very dedicated to challenge the industry to limit. In fact, yabuki old wet past is a story of people are very concerned about, but now people expect that he will bring what kind of work description. Ranked third in the "strawberry 100 percent" of the river into the Greek teacher. She’s super cute girls, and the role of the ill fated, so many readers are crying while watching. The results are as follows: ten the first swear second energy-saving third river water and fourth of the fifth Rumiko Takahashi Hojo sixth Yoshihiro Togashi seventh Akira Toriyama eighth Egawa Dachiya ninth Hiroyuki Asada tenth click a history of animation Tencent APP download Jiangkou Shou, see more popular animation works相关的主题文章:

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