Samsung’s new patent it can run the same screen Android and WP (video)

Samsung mobile phone new patent: actually can be running on the same screen Android and Tencent WP digital news (compiled: Bear) computer installed dual system is not what happens, many users and computer enthusiasts are installed on different systems to achieve different tasks by a computer. But for the smart mobile phone, equipped with dual system is not so simple, although there are a lot of geeks has to implement such operations, but for ordinary users, very difficult. But Samsung recently applied for a patent, it seems that you want to bring dual system smart phone to ordinary users in front of. Samsung’s patent application in 2015, hoping to be able to run Android and Windows Phone two systems on a single device. In the coexistence of these two systems, but also to share the common App, folders and various resources. Even the user can manually adjust the allocation of resources to different systems, very ideas. In addition, users can also copy and paste files between different system files. Of course, all of this is just Samsung’s patents, and how should be specific is another problem. However, with the configuration and performance of the smart phone is getting stronger and stronger, the future of our use of dual systems equipped with smart phones is not impossible. Samsung black technology appeared in the U.S. patent office looks bad apple! Source: Neowin boring boring life? Every day, too tired to be hollowed out? The old driver to take you back up again, cool cool new ways to stop, quickly focus on the Tencent WeChat digital Officer (ID:qqdigi) No.相关的主题文章:

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