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Saws informed Gansu Jiuquan caused 12 dead: major fire scene – blind rescue Beijing Beijing on 29 August, the State Administration of work safety administration website announced today on the office of Zhangye province Gansu City Hongxing iron steel Limited by Share Ltd Xigou limestone mine "8? 16" major fire accident. In August 16, 2016, Gansu Province, Zhangye City Hongxing iron steel Limited by Share Ltd Xigou limestone mine for 9 chamber crushing the maintenance work in the ramp at the bottom, because the upper ramp construction unit by welding processing outsourcing caving operation, make the filling bamboo springboard, grass mats and logs burning mixed materials to produce smoke, killing 9 people poisoning death, enterprise blind rescue, rescue workers also caused 3 deaths and 16 people were injured. The mine using hillside open-pit mining and underground adit belt conveyor transport process, with ramps to transport personnel and materials, mechanical ventilation adit return. The accident exposed the enterprise safety management of hot work is not strict, personnel into the wells fails to carry breathing self rescuer, promptly after the accident did not report, on-site emergency disposal ineffective, blindly rescue, the outstanding problems of mine ventilation management and construction team management confusion, the lesson is very painful. After the accident, the State Council leaders attach great importance to make important instructions. State Administration of work safety supervision team sent to the scene to guide the rescue and accident investigation work. To conscientiously implement the important instructions of the leading comrades of the State Council, deep draw lessons from the accident, effectively prevent and resolutely curb the occurrence of similar incidents, we hereby put forward the following requirements: first, to strengthen the management of hot work. Mine for cutting and welding hot work, must develop security measures must be reliable, and the mine is mainly responsible for the examination and approval. Hot work well, must send someone to care, the homework should strictly check up. Wood in the roadway or hot work wood structure within the wellbore, must be set to collect Mars, welding slag and other facilities in operation under the position, and assign the spray water to wet promptly extinguished mars. Two, effectively reduce the underground fuel. New construction and renovation and expansion of the underground part to use the power line, with flame retardant properties of lighting line, conveyor belt, hair dryer and other equipment, mine production should strictly implement the "National Security Supervision Bureau issued the equipment and technology of metal and non metal mines prohibited directory (first batch) Notice" (safety duct 2013 No. 101) requirements, phasing out the non flame retardant cable, hairdryer, conveyor belt and main roadway supporting wood to prohibit the use of flammable materials, filling area or in caving area. Three, strictly equipped with portable gas detection alarm and self rescuer. As of now, not yet fully meet the underground mine alarm and self rescuer portable gas production safety requirements, with the mandatory standards of mine product safety signs detection, should suspend production for rectification, according to the provisions before the resumption of production equipment. Four, improve emergency response capabilities. Mining enterprises must formulate a scientific and effective emergency rescue plan, strengthen emergency drills, fire, poisoning and suffocation accidents (events), must take effective ventilation measures, and immediately start.相关的主题文章:

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