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Shandong "three to a drop for a" results show supply side structural reforms to lead the new normal original title: Shandong "three to one drop fill" results show supply side structural reforms to lead the new normal Ji’nan Qilu network September 19th news (reporter Cai Jixiang Dong Guangqiang) the morning of September 19th, the supply side of · Shandong policy — the twelfth China network the media in Shandong press conference held in Ji’nan. Shandong provincial development and Reform Commission, Shandong Province Economic and Information Committee, the Finance Department of Shandong Province, the Shandong provincial housing department, the Shandong Provincial Finance Office of the relevant responsible person from different aspects of special release Shandong actively adapt to the economic development of the new normal, to further promote the supply side structural reform, the steady implementation of "work three to a lower one" five key tasks. Conference hosted by Li Zongguo, deputy director of the office of Internet information, Shandong province. The provincial development and Reform Commission 27 key tasks: 40 "gold" measures of Shandong supply side reforms by Shandong province will further promote the supply side structural reform as the province’s "13th Five-Year" development of the main line and realize the transformation and development of breakthrough, in 2016 May formulated the implementation opinions on further promote the supply side structural reform, clear 27 the key task, put forward 40 policy measures of high gold content, strong operation. Currently, the relevant work to promote a solid, three to a drop a supplement have achieved a phased effect. Qilu network reporter learned from the meeting, Shandong Province in the national iron and steel, cement, plate glass, aluminum, the five industries with excess capacity on the basis of initiative to increase the oil refining, chemical industry, coal 4, tire industry, mainly to resolve excess capacity, currently using 9 industry production rate rise. In terms of inventory, Shandong to strengthen the effective convergence of supply and demand, people’s urbanization as the core, through differentiation and flexibility policy, a comprehensive digest of real estate, industrial, agricultural stocks. 1-8 months, Shandong real estate sales area, sales growth of 18.5% and 22.8% respectively; commercial housing inventory to cycle 16 months, up 7 months shorter; 1-7 months, the province’s industrial sales rate reached 98.77%, an increase of 0.15 percentage points; the first half of the province’s agricultural products e-commerce transaction volume of more than 30 billion yuan, up 40%. At the same time, Shandong vigorously promote financial reform and innovation, give full play to the role of the main channel of the bank, to broaden the diversity of direct financing channels, to further promote the reform of local finance, effectively promote the deleveraging. Adhere to the burden, problem-solving, deregulation combined by reducing tax fees reform initiatives, effectively reducing the burden, lowering the cost of the real economy, only the power to change one, will be 50 billion yuan burden for enterprises. In addition, the weak link of economic and social development, Shandong province to make up the short board, to speed up major infrastructure, urban and rural infrastructure, the construction of innovation ability, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, improving people’s livelihood, increase poverty alleviation efforts, accelerate the construction of hardware and software infrastructure with supporting system of supply support system. Provincial Commission by letter: Shandong cut steel coal overcapacity in the traditional industrial development turnaround.相关的主题文章:

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