Shanghai shopping malls opened her husband’s room to open the room cited hot girls dismissive icesword

Shanghai shopping mall opened her husband’s room account for a hot couple of eleven double net in front of the eyes, not only will usher in the network shopping boom, many entities are also involved in the business, it is useless. Recently, a commercial plaza in Shanghai during the trial business, opened a special husband storage room, causing heated debate. It is understood that the husband storage room "is devoted to accompany his wife or girlfriend shopping men dedicated to the creation of functional service space, in addition to comfortable space, there are a number of newspapers and magazines, watch video entertainment experience. For the husband deposit room, the establishment of users how to see? What is the voice of the Chinese man? One of the loudest voices might be, "don’t let me go shopping". Have a male users on the Internet and his own experience, wife not to buy will go, no purpose, must also ask him to make a comment on each piece of clothing. Now there is the husband room, this user-friendly design can not help but reduce a lot of men to accompany their grief. Small bitter gourd also expressed support for this, she said, I do not think many boys like shopping, the design is still very good, it is best to install a few computers, billiards table, so that boys are not so embarrassed." But many women friends of similar measures: Zixuan Palace: a contemptuous disregard since he doesn’t love shopping and let him to do their own thing, do not want to drag him around it, rather than let him in the luggage room, let him go to play, watch him play happy you are happy? Thank you mom: if you don’t want to go shopping with me, you can’t come. Wife to accompany you to go shopping, not in your payment or shopping, but need your company. A study by the University of Essex in the UK has shown that "men and women can’t go shopping together for 72 minutes longer, and if they are more than 72 minutes, they have to fight over whether to go shopping or not. A man to accompany his wife to go to a shopping mall by the damage as a fighter pilot in flight, suffered two gravity of human injury". The result is really like this study so sensational needs to be confirmed, but for men, with women shopping is really a double test of spirit and body. However, under today’s female consumer oriented consumer supply, set up a "husband cloakroom" is not in the mall set up some more Rest Area, go shopping together with couples tired go to rest, and then continue to "shopping", isn’t it better?相关的主题文章:

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