Shenzhen airport ushered in the National Day travel peak check-in 2 hours ahead of schedule –

Shenzhen airport ushered in the National Day travel peak   2 hours ahead of check-in – Shenzhen channel — original title: Shenzhen airport ushered in the National Day travel peak with the National Day golden week is approaching, Shenzhen airport ushered in the beginning of September 29th before the peak passenger travel, September 29th, 30 daily inbound and outbound flow are close to 120 thousand people. In addition, October 1st Shenzhen airport domestic flights departing the gate closing time will advance to the airport 15 minutes before boarding, to remind passengers in advance at least 2 hours to arrive at the airport check-in. It is understood that due to this year’s Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day separated by a period of time, in the past, fake fake family relative reduction. According to the past eleven Golden Week travel rules, the opportunity to travel peak appeared in the pre 1~2 days. The airport said that in September 29th 30, two days of Shenzhen airport daily inbound and outbound flow will be close to 120 thousand passengers. After the return peak passenger flow will be mainly concentrated in two days on October 6th ~7, the seven day National Day holiday airport passenger transport is expected to exceed 800 thousand people. Reporters learned from the airport ticket office, the current ticket sales are also basically coincide with the peak travel. "Eleven golden week passenger travel mainly to travel and visit the crowd, before the hot city votes tense at present, part of the airline ticket has been sold out." Airport ticket office staff, domestic air tickets, Chengdu, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Shanghai and other places, Changsha before the ticket source is more intense, the Wuhan before the tickets have been sold out. International and regional tourism market in Southeast Asia and other popular. In addition, because from October 1st onwards, Shenzhen airport domestic flights in advance to the gate closing time unified flight plan 15 minutes before take-off, the airport reminded must allow sufficient time for passengers to travel before, at least two hours ahead of check-in at the airport, to avoid road congestion or peak waiting and travel delays. (reporter Chen Faqing correspondent Ye Dan) (commissioning editor Chen Yuzhu and Wang Xing)相关的主题文章:

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