South Korea can not miss the street snack bree daniels

To South Korea can not miss the street snacks to travel to South Korea, many people will be to buy cosmetics, shoes, bags, but you know? Delicious food is also an essential item for the trip to korea. Today Xiaobian take you to explore the streets of South Korea snacks, together a good travel experience. Fried rice cake fried rice cake popularity in the country is very high, and there are many places to sell. But the most authentic Korean street residents are sure to like to eat! Fried rice cake with chili sauce, sugar, onion, stir fry into water, not greasy, spicy taste sweet, very delicious. Especially inside the fish cake fried rice cake, taste more delicious. Fish cake on fish cake on the fish cakes on sticks cook eat snacks. We often eat some similar to oden. When you eat do not need to have a single point, take you want from the cart skewer on it. After the child told the owner and pay the number, then the label on the counter. Spicy rice cake fried rice cake strung and then coated with a thick layer of hot pepper and tomato sauce, sweet and spicy entrance crisp, crisp outside soft inside, very hard to chew. Then the collocation of Nuanwei fish cake soup is so good. In fact, the fact that the current round of the potato tower in China is also a Korean potato. It is a special type of blade will cut the potatoes into the pan fried crisp, then sprinkle some sauce on top, crispy and delicious. Carp burning objects into flour, liquid sugar, egg shaped mold mixed in crucian carp and then placed in the middle of stuffing, roast carp, burn well. Similar to the carp burning, the shape of some larger than the carp. It tastes delicious and convenient, very popular.相关的主题文章:

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