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Spectacular! Students receiving double queues 11 express to get soft (Figure) – morning break, delivery staff will set the express. In the name of the male students to buy a lot of bags. – buy a lot. Text / newspaper reporter Li Bingtu reporter Zhang Haiqiang in November 16th 11 pm, the reporter walked into the University Road in the vicinity of the Hebei University of Economics and Business. Located in the west side of the campus between the two dormitory building a large courier collection point, one can look at the "spectacular" to describe. In the north and south sides of the road, respectively, two express delivery company distribution site. On the ground, filled with a variety of different express parcels. A rough count, only a courier company amounted to more than one thousand pieces of parcel. We do not work, and sent to the school will be in accordance with the express number to express the classification, to facilitate the collection." A staff member said. In order to ensure the smooth express parcel receive, receive near the point with the warning has been isolated, many students are waiting to receive parcels, patiently lined up. "I finally got my wallet!" Get their own courier, freshman Liu students particularly happy. Liu Tongxue said, 11 to zero point one, she immediately snapped up the phone through the phone has long been the wallet, the price is cheaper than the usual ten pieces, quite cost-effective. Liu Tongxue said, she and her roommates in "double 11" this year did not buy too much, basically is to develop a shopping plan before online shopping, the commodity prices back and forth. Many times, to find the most appropriate time to pay. The same is a freshman Xuan Yue, not only in the double 11 online shopping like things, but also to start a part-time courier company distribution. In the courier receive points, she and several part-time students together busy sweating. Yesterday, I received this point may send out 1300 courier parcels, more than twice as usual!" Xuan Yue said, with the arrival of the courier parcel gradually, from November 14th to start, pick up the amount of express mail to quickly increase the amount of. At the scene, the reporter interviewed a random collection of double 11 online shopping express delivery of college students, learned that most of the goods they buy online clothing, food, computer accessories, such as mobile phone based. As this year’s double 11 close to the weekend, so many students do not have classes, mostly from the morning of 11 to the same day in the evening of the day in online shopping, can be described as fruitful. Freshman Wang Haiyang, in the "double 11" this day online shopping 11 clothes, looking at the hand of all kinds of packages, Wang Haiyang also feel some regret, the online shopping or some impulse, "after receiving the delivery I think to buy something a bit more, it seems that online shopping or to some more rational!"相关的主题文章:

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