Spring Airlines follow up! Samsung note 7 China suffered another security warning (video) w-inds.

Spring Airlines follow! Samsung Note 7 Chinese by multinational flight safety warning disable Note7 Samsung has fallen $22 billion in twenty-first Century September 14th economic report morning learned from the Spring Airlines, spring and autumn day safety warning issued, reiterated that passengers should strictly abide by the provisions Chinese civil aviation safety, the whole flight is strictly prohibited the use of any mobile phone including Samsung Galaxy Note7 and charging or, as baggage. Spring Airlines also requires all employees of the company in the early warning of the safety of the company to take the flight, prohibit the carrying of Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile boarding, while prohibiting the use of baggage as a consignment. Spring Airlines also said it would increase the use of special Note7 passengers before the start of the flight to prohibit the use of Samsung Galaxy mobile phone or charging content. Twenty-first Century economic report in 13, "Samsung’s new machine in China suffered a" ban "? Countries just reiterated that the current provisions" has been mentioned, HNA Group issued an internal document has banned the staff carrying the Samsung Galaxy Note7 computer and checked, and will strengthen the monitoring and management of passenger carrying and use of electronic products. Spring and autumn to become the mainland’s second specifically for the new mobile phone safety warning issued by airlines. In accordance with the provisions of the existing civil aviation safety, in the domestic airlines flight passengers are not allowed to use mobile phone, this provision of any brand of any type of mobile phone is no exception, airlines are generally strictly prohibited for electronic equipment with lithium battery into the checked baggage, this is one of the reasons for some of the other airlines has not yet issued a safety warning.相关的主题文章:

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