Strange! About gunports, Wu Yifan will not laugh… (map) yvette yates

Strange! "About gunports", Wu Yifan will not laugh… (Figure) Wu Yifan recently unveiled many activities, but little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) found a strange thing, he seems to not laugh…… In a music awards ceremony, every two dimensional other mad pull cool to no friends, indifference to.Jpg expression is also supporting the London Fashion Week, was photographed is this: when trying on clothes, as if in the heart of OS: why do you want to let the baby baby not wear this! Sing, I don’t laugh. Photo, I still do not laugh! Supermodel cannot make me laugh! Yesterday to attend the ceremony is the release of the Phoenix, expressionless…… Let me be a lonely boy. Then a dynamic life can not love.Gif a few days ago and Eddie Peng appeared in the closing ceremony of the Xi’an Silk Road International Film Festival, Wu Yifan still little expression. In short, is a capital of the baby today is not very happy, too many emotions do not have the appropriate expression. Little sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) remember that he is actually a pretty smile boy ah, but also fancy smile, such as light shallow smile. Shy smile. Laugh: laugh and, in the interview, however, today’s expression package: Wu Yifan interview, the style became so. Before and after the contrast is really not too obvious, the younger sister (Phoenix gossip micro signal: entifengvip) is also very want to ask what the hell has gone through…… Is it affected by some time ago scandal? A few months ago, a small G, turned out a "about gun storm seemed to make Wu Yifan people collapse overnight, all rumors he pushed the public opinion in the teeth of the storm may come too soon, things like a tornado, Wu Yifan’s studio a little panicked, after only published a paper statement did not see other actions, Wu Yifan himself has no voice. So things began to ferment, all kinds of dirt also have been exposed. Although there is no sound, but in this period, Wu Yifan signed a television show Yao, does not seem to be affected by the scandal. But some people also think this is Wu Yifan find backers in the crisis. Until someone out of Wu Yifan’s father and thoroughly fried was a whoop and a holler, Fanfan, micro-blog warned the media not to touch the bottom line and the family, and with a significant figure. So the whole event here almost ended, but people still eat melon is enough, the end of the play, YY is inexhaustible. It is said that, "the Canadian gun king" the name has been popular in many forums, many users have been referred to as "Wu Yifan Pk". After the scandal, Wu Yifan’s "Youth" was released, however, awkward acting was stiff Fanfan severely criticized the meal. Even the youngest actor who knew almost the worst acting, Wu Yifan was in the first place. Some time ago, and about Wu Yifan traced Poser, frequently change the brokerage firm out of the negative news… Better than the first half of the rash and too much in haste in the second half of the year, Wu Yifan seems to be some bad luck, so will not be so stressful, and not very willing to face the management table.相关的主题文章:

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