Suning home to lead the wisdom of real estate Zijin Yue won Suning Internet Innovation Award 9c8947

Suning home to lead the wisdom of real estate Zijin Yue won Suning Internet Innovation Award in the summer fever, fever in the carnival. In August 30th, Zijin East Suning headquarters, once a year the enterprise culture event "Fire All Here – 2016 Su Ningzhi hot summer" kicked off, this is not only a wonderful cultural feast, is an exciting Internet innovation feast". The party scene, Suning holdings chairman Zhang Jindong issued a "Suning Internet Innovation Award", this is the third year since Suning Internet Innovation Award "was established, to encourage Internet innovation spirit and rewards suning. Suning real estate to build "Internet plus apartment" Zijin Jia Yue, won the Internet innovation award. Practice of the spirit of innovation in the world of the Internet, the creation of a new legend of the 2016 luxury apartment apartment in the face of massive demand for personalized and fast iterative competitive environment, Suning home in the exploration of the wisdom of the real estate model is also accelerating. As Suning holdings of the second major industry groups, Suning home buyers will be "Internet plus" concept into products, the building and the Internet of things, big data of organic links, make the building become more intelligent and human nature, and ultimately the formation of Suning real estate has the unique charm of the product, but also provides endless possibilities for the "ecological the closed-loop wisdom of the real estate construction. Zijin Jia Yue is the first "Internet plus apartment" Suning real estate building, in the opening day has created a series of "this" performance: one day drive to sell 700 million, every 15 seconds a turnover of 6 in the morning, customers began lining up, more than 3 thousand groups of customers booking, 1200 Suites sold out on the day. It became the apartment market in 2016 day the highest amount of sales, daily sales the fastest, most visited real estate opening. Zijin Jia Yue project success is not accidental, selling from the practice of Suning’s innovative spirit of the internet. Zijin Jia Yue inherited the Suning group O2O operating experience, to create exclusive mobile APP apartment community online platform, all the community service all operation management through online APP, provides automatic payment, remote control, online dating, publicity activities, dry cleaning, public equipment booking, buses and other one-stop services of intelligent community. To provide creative platform for young people to create a new business incubator. In addition, Suning also created a 14 thousand party life support. Will be equipped with Suning supermarket, youth fitness center, community restaurant center, cafe, clear bar. With younger guests group spirit of the place and the supporting life close demand, stay at home, you can enjoy a comprehensive and comfortable living facilities. The wisdom to open a new era of Suning real estate innovation and development in the "Internet Innovation Award in addition to life and growth in nature" to win the title, the wisdom of the real estate operators Suning real estate in this passionate evening highlights of the event triggered heavy boom, directed the original "home", "home Fan Ye Mao Ode to joy" etc. the program with the audience enthusiasm, showing the Suning real estate staff "entrepreneurship, innovation and create value" as the spirit of hard work. "Set up numerous industry Mao" program, the highly creative video shows Suning real estate operators, the grand territory.相关的主题文章:

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