The Buddhist monk is not ideal for everyone. win7codecs

The Buddhist ideal is not a requirement for everyone. Everyone is ideal Buddhist monk monk Wen Zhao Puchu answer: according to the teachings of Buddhism and its system, should be a few people in the Buddhist monk. That is for the sake of liberation to truth — first, a pure motivation, determined to give up the love of the world and a monk. Second, a requirement for the teachings and to have enough standard, if there is a room at home should automatically return to secular life; desire, if guilty of killing a thief with false four fundamental precepts, should be excluded in addition to the sangha. Third, monks have many restrictions, such as to allow parents, to be twenty (O, bhiksuni monks quit quit), not mutilation or mentally defective, not evade the criminal law, debt tired etc.. Through the above fourth, to be ordained monks from age ten years, the monks ten proof and easy to quit, quit, just tell one. This is the four Buddhist monk, there are two of all men and women. There are two men and women at home. Two all the Buddhist abbot monk negative responsibility, in two all the negative Dharma responsibility for the synthesis of double order. So Buddhism does not require everyone to become. A lot of Buddhist classics, especially Mahayana classics such as "Vimalakirti Sutra", "classic" precepts are praised in buddhist. This paper from the common sense — "Buddhist question"相关的主题文章:

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