The Double Ninth Festival for the elderly 90 hand in hand staged the most beautiful love e2140

The Double Ninth Festival for the elderly 90 "hand in hand" staged "the most beautiful love" on this day, they are most happy Hou Henan Daily reporter Jian Xun photo Henan Daily reporter Sun Ke Zi Lili Wu Jing Liu Huili "parents happy, become our children a good example, now our family is very harmonious." This is the lady who lives in Beijing, her parents on the Double Ninth Festival (October 9th) in the morning, hosted by the Henan Agricultural University for the celebration of the golden old. When the lady returned to Beijing a few days later specially, is to witness the old people’s happiness. The oldest married man has been accompanied by 75 sets of festive clothes, wearing a red flower, holding his wife’s hand…… 9 in the morning of 9 days, 90 of the old man walked the red carpet, came to the wedding ceremony. When the woman said, her mother at the end of September, just after the 80 birthday, "my parents are go to school at the Henan Agricultural University, deeply attached to each other for a lifetime, a great influence on our." When the lady and her husband standing next to the old man, kept taking pictures for the elderly, his face was filled with a happy smile. It is understood that the site of the oldest sea stone, Chao Chen Ailian and his wife, the average age of 94, married in 1943. Gao Zhongxian, Guo Min couple is the longest time to marry a pair, has been accompanied by 75. The old man said 16 words about marriage. 92 year old Gao Zhongxian head full of spirit, also came to speak: "I am super feudal marriage" living specimen ", but our children and grandchildren, harmonious and happy, there are 11 people in my family, there are 8 College students." When it comes to life now, Gao Zhongxian looks happy and content. Speaking of the experience of marriage, Gao Zhongxian first self review a: I have a big drawback is that this life will only eat, do not cook. Although I am educated than his wife, but the contribution to the family, I should be grateful to his wife, she has been wife cook, but also as a factory worker, industrious life, to retire until the age of 62……" Mutual understanding, equal treatment, mutual advantages, children’s role model, Gao Zhongxian summed up his marriage with 16 words, which may be the secret of happiness! (Henan business daily)相关的主题文章:

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