The dream is now the wave of international art exhibition dialogue

The dream is now: the wave of international art exhibition with the dialogue "to vigorously promote the construction of The Belt and Road" in many countries and regions step by step and the "16+1" mechanism, to enhance the relationship between China and central and Eastern Europe, has been committed to creating high-quality, large-scale urban cultural and creative enterprises – the same day art song in its development for many years the stars Art District launched a new cultural brand — "2016 future art chronicles". In 2016 the European capital of culture landing Poland Wroclaw, taking advantage of this opportunity, the same song Tianyi planning by China Central Academy of Fine Arts and Wroclaw Academy of Fine Arts teachers and students work together in the form of dialogue on the afternoon of August 30th, 16:30 launched the "dream" in international art exhibition dialogue as "the 2016 future art Chronicles" prelude. The exhibition by the Beijing Tianyi same song, Wroclaw hosted by Academy of Fine Arts, the Embassy of Poland, in the afternoon of August 30th in the stars drama Village Grand opening. People’s Republic of China Ministry of culture and arts division deputy director Mr. Wu Hao, Mr. Shao Dazhen, Professor of the Central Academy of fine arts Dean Professor of Central Academy of fine arts Dean van, Professor Peng Feng of Peking University College of the arts, arts and the day Mr. Fan Xing, chairman of the song stars Museum executive director Ms. Xiao Fan, and Dean of Academy of Fine Arts professor Ke Lan Peter of Wroclaw? Poland, Vice Minister of the Ministry of culture and national heritage Magdalena Gavin? Ms. Poland, President of the Wushi sub book? Wolsky Mr., vice chairman of Poland chamber of commerce publication mahier rowitch Mr. grzegorz?, Poland Embassy cultural office director Ms. Cai Mengling, chief strategy exhibition Mr. Wu Qiuyan will attend the opening ceremony of the exhibition. "Dream" international art exhibition to wave wave dialogue exchanges, Multicultural Art for the mission, promoting bilateral exchanges and collisions, enhance the breadth and depth of Chinese and Western art exchange. The exhibition is a "dream" as the theme, to explore the wave through creative artists in the dialogue, the differences between Chinese and Western culture, they are how to use the personal experience of existence to unlock artistic intention, to construct the modern art development in the future. The exhibition by the artist Fei Jun, Jin Jun, Miu Xiaochun Chinese, Song Xiewei, Yao Lu, Zhang Baowei, Poland artist Agata Anna said later, GERT???, Ma Shi, Hugo tower? ET BER? W katsutake Lin Adams, Przemyslaw tuske Ibrahimovic, Thomas?? Broda and Jacek? Sevcik and Agata schuba? EVA, Bukhta? A total of 37 artists, more than 100 pieces of works, in accordance with the internal logic will exhibit works, photography, sculpture and other devices of various types of works in series with the interpretation, in order to bring the audience a multi-level full sensory experience. The 2016 is the future of the art chronicles, a comprehensive cultural brand internationalization stars drama village to create, play, video, science and technology, art, architecture, dance, poetry, music, etc. here the exchange and collision of delicacy, circulation and regeneration, from September to December a total of 8 performances and 1 Forum in order to show the audience the multiple cultural feast. As the next 2016 art chronicles the first activity, chipol international exchange exhibition is the 2016 European culture are important international exchange programs, will promote the two countries in cultural art card相关的主题文章:

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