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Fall to push fresh air will blow "she bangs" that moment was a hot – Sohu "the moment" exciting entertainment poster Sohu entertainment news this month 17 days to 19 days, Beijing TV will fall to push the party, a big wave of boutique drama first to debut, including "she bangs" lattice that moment spectacular, attracted many buy film Paiqichanglong, stop for a long time. "The moment of heartache" by this year’s hot "Li Xiaonan" Kan Qingzi and Tammy warm man "starring Hu Yuwei," idol Godfather "Shen Yi and exquisite female director Xu Peishan to guide. How to young men and women in the dream and reality choice as a big "the moment she bangs" was praised as "realist drama, although not yet aired, but has released 2 posters and 5 minute version of love moving trailers, there are" a ripple of the situation, outlook all the heat. Move out of idol drama "the new routine" and "the moment", so that users have a petition, hoping to broadcast. The "realism" of fresh air blowing autumn will push the guests said "the moment" with eyebrows stills idol drama has a history of more than ten years, its form may now still the myriads of changes, is one of the most sought after audience TV type. "Dream" has been the core tenet of idol drama, both traditional drama, costume drama, or a fantasy, Xian Xia, criminal investigation and so on the cloak of idol drama, not the "Marysu plot" rampant. Many netizens complain, idol drama has been playing more and more bad, many idol drama can only rely on the appeal of the idol to create ratings, has become a veritable idol drama. "The moment" is to break the heart idol deadlock, more in the Beijing will fall to push on, become a stream. Since the start of the moment, "she bangs" is a "reality idol drama" the industry set off a burst of fresh air, a male and female love to kill the routine, will each have a problem with the story of dreams of young people are likely to encounter combination. Love or future? Guard or turn? With many years of lovers or heart love? The next question to the audience set people thinking. In addition, the feelings of the hero and heroine is not plain sailing, but has gone through seven years of abuse of the heart of the trip. Seven years, according to the most suitable for their own trajectory steadily forward, and then hit again, only to understand the meaning of true love. Autumn will push the scene, many guests feeling that most young people are stumbling through the feelings, finally calm some of the choices themselves also experienced this one, so there is reason to believe that "the moment" eyebrows can resonate with the audience. Popular actors that friends chanted Yan is too high a nosebleed "she bangs" that moment by the well-known actor Kan Qingzi and starring Hu Yuwei. Kan Qingzi’s Li Chenyin was originally a naive hearty Art Department of primary school sister, seven years after leaving a handsome short hair, and grow into female occupation. Hu Yuwei’s Tao Yufei seniors always subtly malicious and affectionate, and compared to seven years ago, Tao to mature and wise flying on all is the accumulation of years. TV characters in the long seven years, accepted the time.相关的主题文章:

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