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In October 30th, the cultural industry and the integration trend of Internet banking, the second Internet plus culture art collection cum cooperation conference will be held in Shanghai Fujian hotel. Industry experts, academics and high-end investors, financial media and other participants in this event. Meeting to study the industry situation, summed up the experience of the industry, deepen the cohesion of the industry, promote cross – strait cooperation as the topic of discussion. And in the Internet era, how to optimize the collection, transfer and investment of cultural and artistic collections is discussed. Shi Yuhua, chairman of the above public invited to speak, elaborated on how to combine the financial and cultural arts of the Internet, the use of finance as a culture of power, and the idea of further development of financial culture. And on the platform of the above principles, operating mode and development concept are described and introduced. This after the participants have said that all the above Shen "four separation" management system, the four key nodes of art circulation are independent of each other, so that the risk of decomposition in the transfer loop, to avoid the risk of accumulation. In addition, can effectively solve the problem of the authenticity of products, help to improve market liquidity and professional, let the cultural art market more standardized, high quality collections and collection investment of public participation, pricing, investment and collection. The "four separation" management system is the Internet, culture, etc. the combination of financial representative model specification, and above all Shen present achievement congratulations and affirmation, but also look forward to in the future and above all to the opportunity of cooperation. Currently the Internet is providing unprecedented opportunities for China’s cultural industry. The Internet is through the integration of ideas, hardware, software, capital and other elements, is the formation of a highly inclusive cultural and commercial ecosystem, cultural enterprises and cultural barriers to the gradual melting of consumers. This remodeling of the cultural industry platform economy, the formation of a platform for enterprise and platform economic clusters, with free and open as the ultimate weapon of a wide range of partners. The arrival of big data also allows the Chinese cultural industry to be able to quantify the precise market positioning technology, to promote the cultural industry to customer service. In this environment, the Internet, culture, finance, etc., is bound to show the convergence trend. Sina collection cultural exchange channel transmission of cultural property market health values WJS相关的主题文章:

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