The introduction of your name failed! Other animation recommended in September

The introduction of "your name" failed! According to Japan’s September other animation recommended news, the current small fresh quality kuangmo new classmates Makoto Shinkai "your name" at the box office has exceeded 4 billion 400 million yen, and is likely to exceed 6 billion yen this week. (Xinjin City: Hey, still do not levy money quickly, and to levy wage commercials fast) but for Chinese fans, this works just before everyone eagerly looking forward to the "treasure dream GO", it may not be able to see this formal way into China in the works the big screen. The cause was leaked angered copyright sources! According to the network transmission, a domestic subtitle group received the Chinese version of the trial version of DVD and suppress upload, resulting in the discovery of the copyright party canceled the introduction of the audit. At present, there have been a number of subtitles on the network upload pirated resources, because it is a direct copy of the leaked version of DVD, so the situation looks more serious. We can see from the screenshot of the original news broke out from micro-blog, true and false is still unknown, can only say that the introduction of the current news is unlikely. So the next 9 months, what are we looking forward to? First of all, the most promising in the month of September to meet everyone is another name of the new word at the beginning of the name of supervision, yes! Witty friends have guessed, that is 45 degrees tilt the Akiyuki shinbo "Story 2:" blood injury. In the first part of the story: "the injury" is to tolerate small jagged and adorable fat don’t monitor the friends soon is expected to continue to lick the screen. Do you have any kind of Lolita girl, the strong woman? (do you have no hair, the kind of understanding our monitor? Finally in September blockbuster hits is worth looking forward to coming in September at the end of the beta two dimension round the world "Mobile Games" if OP came from it is not only a Mobile Games derived animation, but still worth looking forward to reason. By the Japanese comic God Osamu Tezuka’s insect Pro studio responsible for the production, quite the future masterpiece style. Here are some of the screenshots from the PV, are you looking forward to? This is the color of the eye is very Beijing Arni feeling? It is said that there will be follow-up animation oh! Even the Internet also appeared some studio by Tezuka when we can understand the manuscript storyboard, Japanese professional animation studio is how to make animation works. The draft bill has the positive sense of the soul is full of special net worth looking forward to the game Oh ~ second round beta has ended, it is said that in the future there will be more genuine cartoon characters to join the adventure story! (frozen chicken) let us look forward to these excellent animation works bring us a different September!相关的主题文章:

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