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The letter "invincible" the recent hit Yu Mingjia is the cheongsam goddess Yu Mingjia stills Sohu – Sohu entertainment entertainment news by Zhang Guoqing, directed by Hao Wanjun, Chen Baoguo, Yu Mingjia, Yang Xue and other powerful actors starring the drama "invincible" letter recently being hit. The opera combines suspense, spy, and history of the war game, love parting and many other commercial elements, and strive to embody the spirit of patriotism and heroism. Seen in the previous exposure stills, female Yu Mingjia played a prostitute in the play, but in fact she has multiple identities, prompting viewers speculation. Six: the final chapter to the identity of the invincible whirling the drama about the warlike Yunnan ninth brigade Fan Tianxi Yunnan eight year war, the collapse of the enemy conspiracy story. With the war theme drama hot shot, more and more women in the war drama has also become the protagonist, "invincible" in the drama of the four girls is also a great highlight of the play. In particular, as a result of Ming played the "spring child" is a corner of the fresh memories. Cheongsam body, gentle touching, eyes and temperament has a strong and stubborn hard to hide. She was born in order to hide the identity of bandits, perennial in brothels field so the scene of debauchery "prostitute" identity as a cover, but as the story progresses, she under the worker also gradually exposed to the surface. Urban beauty turned cheongsam goddess from "mobile phone" to "golden" to "my wife" is 80 to city beauty image of the people, and the elegant cheongsam style lets the audience eyes bright, has been dubbed "the goddess of cheongsam". In fact, this is not the first time to try the dress style. In 2013, the revolutionary epic drama "Mao Zedong" broadcast, "Republic of China" first lady Song Meiling mingay played a corner because of, the behavior between the elegance of the dress collocation style to the audience hooked. In addition to the 2012 broadcast of the war drama "twist" had to eye-catching cheongsam dress. This time to dress behind as the courtesan spring, but is completely different from the "Song Meiling" elegant and dignified, will linger in our field of the "spring" of the penetrating speech. So many have been concerned to the fans could not help but sighed "what is what, this is probably a good actor"!   相关的主题文章:

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