The man in the play which Hanoi crescent and the police guerrilla sing

The man in the play which Hanoi crescent and the police "guerrilla" sing? A man suddenly down the river, regardless of the shore of the public and how to persuade the police, the man refused to go ashore. A number of police and police man river containment, "guerrilla", finally exhausted dragged ashore. Yesterday around 16:00, near eurogreens road and Lanxi road junction Hanoi crescent, a man suddenly jumped into the river. Followed the man behind several people and the police came to the shore of the river, toward the man yelling it ashore, man would not listen to also travel to the center of the river. According to introduction onlookers, men’s water well, back and forth in the crescent of Hanoi, even to swim across the river under the railway bridge. In the meantime, firefighters arrived, while the evacuation of the masses, while blocking the shore to prevent the man fled. See the fruitless persuasion, more than the police to carry life-saving equipment to the river, from the river on both sides of the containment man, and man and the police "guerrilla", using the channel width to get rid of the police. Man in the river after spending more than an hour, more than half of physical exertion, in order to ensure the safety of the man, the police again to the man in the water charge, to the other side of the life of the man will be pulled ashore. After resting on the shore for more than and 10 minutes, the man was taken away by the police. As for why the man staged this scene, the reason is under investigation.相关的主题文章:

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