The mausoleum was dug tomb for stealing pearl broken lips – in the new empress dowager Ci Xi

The mausoleum was dug tomb for stealing pearl broken empress dowager Ci Xi lips – Beijing, "you don’t know his" Author: Jia Yinghua "people’s Literature Publishing House published in June 2016 the last emperor Puyi as everyone knows the context of life, but many details have been submerged in history. What are the stories behind PuYi’s life? Which stories are closer to the historical truth? The expert Jia Yinghua took thirty years to interview more than and 300 people around Pu Yi, Han people know mining Puyi life behind the story, reveals the late Qing Dynasty palace unheard of historical details in the book for the first time disclosure of many precious photos and artifacts, let you see another point of puyi." The coffin was empty, even the dead bodies of the Empress Dowager Ci Xi also detained in the coffin, after a miserable scene is really dreadful, Puyi and ordered Pro Beijing sent out in Dongling immediately rushed to visit. So, carrying Tao chi to deal with the aftermath of Dongling can scarcely wait. After reaching out It is as expected, Sun Dianying’s troops had been evacuated. In fact, the "bandit troops" do not go, carrying Tao did not dare to rush to. At this time, Ci Xi Tomb of the Ming House before has been dug a deep pit for several meters of the giant. Known as the "Diamond wall" wall, also blasted a big gap. The corridor in Shimen not only is all open, head placement Ci Xi coffin outer coffin was split. The coffin was empty, even the dead bodies of the Empress Dowager Ci Xi also detained in the coffin, the miserable scene really appalling. Time to lament, out of busy life men lifted up the cover, but see Ci Xi’s body was lying topless, anti throwing on the ground. Turn over after put it flat, saw the corpse already moldy, buried before the mouth that precious pearls also don’t know is who stole. Obviously, because the Tomb Raider insisted on searching the treasure of pearl, was brutally broken lips to the Empress Dowager Ci Xi…… Lament and resentment was indescribable, carrying Tao had ordered first body wrapped in the coffin, and after cleaning a tomb, the tomb was closed. After the world in every possible way to render, carrying the Tao took the legendary. Originally did not dare to do everything very character, in the perception of the public how much has changed. PuYi is in such a helpless situation, on the basis of the collection of years "Zhu Geliang horse" before class, by playing the gua. I do not know how many times he played, not satisfied with the re, which occurred in Puyi life. He put all the Gua all survived. In January 1929, he has a few Gua divination. The first hexagram is, 1932 or 1933, can "recovery", the second hexagrams, the national government will be in Shanghai "rushed and scattered"; the third hexagrams, assert that the restoration of big industry will be in Shanghai or unitary "daxian". In fact, according to Yu Pu Yi’s nephew? Recalled, Puyi in the first half of the so-called mercy, purely self deception. All against him away, put some spectrum "Gua" was recorded in the book. At this time, Puyi is working with Japanese closeted, naturally pick up positive note. At best, it’s just a kind of comfort. It is noteworthy, repeatedly let Puyi)相关的主题文章:

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