The National Day holiday in Nantong Haimen over 80% Enterprises above the scale of overtime producti

The National Day holiday in Nantong Haimen over 80% Enterprises above the scale of overtime production — Jiangsu windows — original title: "eleven" long over 80% Enterprises above the scale of production of eleven overtime vacation, Haixin hi company and the usual busy organizing the production company, thousands of workers were stuck in their jobs, work overtime add, ensure the two special engineering ship undocking the end of the month. Sea new heavy industry is specialized in the development and production of special engineering ship companies, this year’s business volume is very full, more than 2 billion yuan in hand orders. "We suck ship for the long production of sucker boat and rake, the total cost of about 500 million yuan, the time node is the end of October undocking." Chen Wuzhou, deputy general manager of the company said, must work overtime to catch up with the schedule, even in the evening overtime production. "Our company is only 1 a day off." China Merchants heavy industry (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd. deputy general manager Yao Rulin said that the number of overtime is more than more than 1 thousand and 500 people, less than a few hundred people, mainly engaged in product testing. "We almost all work in the industrial city of Binjiang overtime production, the project site is also working overtime to accelerate the construction of." Zhu Jianhua, director of development zone equipment industrial park. Good aluminum industrial company this year, the successful development of new products aluminum template, the market quickly opened before the two phase of the project put into operation. During the long holiday, the company employees all overtime production. Xuan Thai pharmaceutical company before the United States through the quality system review, marking the company’s products can enter the U.S. market. During the holidays, the employees of the company work overtime to prepare the products for the US market. Binjiang industrial city started the project site holidays are normal construction. Before the start of a total investment of 213 million yuan of China’s energy power equipment Industrial Park Chang Tai electrical project has entered the construction of underground foundation. The fourth quarter is both a sprint annual target, but also for the next year to prepare for the development of a critical quarter. Our city enterprises especially the backbone enterprises in the appeal of the fourteen Party Congress spirit, to organize the production factors, to expand the market, from the beginning of the eleven quarter sprint fourth holiday. According to the city development and Reform Commission preliminary statistics, during the holiday period to organize production of more than 80% Enterprises above designated size. "We Linjiang area 34 above scale enterprises are not a holiday." Linjiang district Party committee deputy secretary, deputy director of the CMC Gu Jian said, 7 days work overtime, the region can increase 100 million yuan for taxable sales, this year the park to contribute to steady growth. Lian Hai biotechnology company is the largest enterprise output Linjiang area, long period of more than 300 employees are in a position to spend 7 days in output of more than 20 million yuan. Linjiang area in the construction of the project site and be in full swing, a total investment of 670 million yuan when the rise of new power lithium cathode materials industrialization projects fast forward, warehouse structure has been completed. During the holiday, Haimen port district above scale enterprises some day also did not leave, just put two or three days. Cheng Jie, director of the New District introduced by the Secretary, Tyson food, heavy industry and other key enterprises 7 days of full production. And recently started a number of super billion project construction site is not complete, a total investment of 1 billion yuan of Yanda pipeline project are strong tamping foundation. (Liu Haiying) (Tang Lu, commissioning editor Zhang Xin)相关的主题文章:

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