The next three days, the first rise in temperature in Daqing fell after the rain or sleet for 4 days zuczug

Temperature in the next three days in Daqing decreased 4, local or sleet original title: local sleet, slight temperature fluctuations, the air quality has declined today overcast to cloudy weather yesterday the temperature a little lower, we go outside and get some cold to stretch out hands. Look at the river end on a layer of ice, feeling the time flies, and near the end of a year. It was cold, once again urged everyone to pay attention to weather, wear more clothes, to keep the chill wind rain and snow. According to the Municipal Meteorological Station forecast, today, in our city to cloudy, local showers in southern counties there may be rain and snow, the day after tomorrow, cloudy weather, wind around 3. The next three days, the temperature rise and fall. Specifically, the maximum temperature of 2 degrees C today, the minimum temperature of -8 degrees C, tomorrow, the maximum temperature of -1 degrees C, the minimum temperature of -12 C. Because of the temperature in the recovery process, prone to warm down near the ground inversion layer, cold during the day, the air quality will decline, to minimize outdoor activities, it is best to wear masks when they go out, you can choose at noon with ample sunlight, fewer pollutants time window ventilation. Daqing evening news reporter Yuan Liping相关的主题文章:

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