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The preliminary information: Latvia Yunan force status is another defeat on Monday 008             World Cup;;     Latvia VS Hungary;   2016-10-11; 02:45         location: Riga: sunny weather is expected 13 degrees Latvia team Latvia team’s new situation: the world ranking of ninety-fifth, compared with the previous two months have improved, although the team participated in the 2004 European Cup finals, but since then gradually decline, the 2016 European Cup pre election race, after they were in Kazakhstan at the bottom of the first round of World Cup rankings, they face the weakest team and Europe Andorra, even can only win 1:0, while the second round match was upset victory over the Faroe Islands, serious state. Hungary: the Hungarian team in the European Cup stunning performance into the top 16, so their world rankings ranked twentieth, but the "Long Johns brother Kilali after his dream round contest also quit the national team, the team has no small impact on the spirit and competitive level. World Cup their poor start, first was the underdog Faroe Islands draw, then in the home court but lost to Switzerland, to get in the top two teams qualify for, it is difficult, after all the enemies not against portugal. History: the two sides nearly 3 war, Latvia 1 wins and 2 losses at a disadvantage. Game Analysis: the field of Macao to guest Let hemisphere dish the mouth, the two teams had fairly concessions in place, the performance was not very good, but Latvia is now limited strength, compensate for 332 note by the pattern, but William will be negative to compensate down to 1.95, the field to see the good Hungarian first win world cup. The first prediction: Latvia: Waningsi, Garg Martin J Keith, Gabor J J, Marcos Menko, Ikane Keith, Kors, gorkss Yi, Razins, Zujinsi card, Visnakovs, Sabara, Meeks, Guraz: Hungarian Guze Fiora, Qatar, Adam Lang, Klein Haessler, Soloi, Stiber, Najib, Glasgow, Ru Zach SMG recommended: negative (the old Shengping Fu K)相关的主题文章:

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