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The reporter visited the part of the farmers market in Kunming city   filthy remains   to enhance the transformation of space – Yunnan Channel – original title: reporter visited the Kunming city farmers market chaos still exist to enhance the transformation of space after years of construction, the main city of Kunming and some residents of the new District shopping environment has been greatly improved, but in some of the old district or suburban, many farmers market still exist in varying degrees of chaos phenomenon. Recently, this reporter visited the investigation. Health worrying is located between Kunming city and Grand River Road press seal new farmers market, is one of the biggest and most popular farmers market in Kunming city. Zhang, who lives in the news, told reporters that the farmers market is the most worrying about the health status. When the afternoon near the close, the reporter walked into the market, saw the Montreal leaves the earth to drop foot, Jeeves phenomenon is prominent. Came to the seafood, meat, poultry, smelled a pungent odor, although already is late autumn, here still fly. The ground in the market has been bumpy, and has obvious water stains, go up very slippery, rotten leaves, plastic bags and other garbage everywhere. In the farmers market in a cooked shop, the shop is not far away from a trash barrel barrel is filled with garbage. Here the vegetable stall sister Lee told reporters, because the market operating households more than too much traffic, but also a large amount of waste, not timely clean up garbage piled up soon. A similar situation also occurred in some other facilities in Kunming, the large flow of people to the farmers market, especially in some suburban farmers market chaos phenomenon can be seen everywhere. There is no name in the vicinity of the farmers market, there is a door selling pork stalls. The reporter saw the meat on the ground beside the dirty, fly. Cut the meat on the chopping down a fly, the boss did not catch a wave, no customer when the boss, carefree and content playing mobile phone, do not want to start tidy booth. A staff member of Kunming farmers market industry association said, at present Kunming many farmers market infrastructure lack, worrying shopping environment and health conditions, farmers market, water supply and drainage, lighting and other facilities, sewage treatment and disinfection facilities not available, many farmers market garbage everywhere, open sewers, silt piles. Waste not promptly remove, fisheries management, live poultry slaughter area is stinking. There is still much room for the management and promotion of the farmers market. Public facilities are not perfect "in Kunming, if people drive to go shopping, it is a tiring job." Driving a car from the farmers market Hing Xiaobanqiao street Guandu District in the cloud to buy food out of Mr. Zhou said: "many of the Kunming farmers market, environmental health is much better than in the past, functional distinction is also very clear, but there is no set parking spaces, parking is very tight around the market." Reporters visited a lot of farmers market in Kunming, found that many markets only non motor vehicle parking area, not only no motor vehicle parking lot, and some even have no toilet, not to mention相关的主题文章:

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