The rise of the Daxing Taihe Central Plaza first-tier cities ticket

The rise of the Daxing Taihe central square first-tier cities tickets 5 years after you still Guangzhou Shenzhen? This is really a good question! The key to keep on whether you have a ticket, home ownership is based on the book. In fact, with the rising prices in the first tier cities based on the threshold is getting higher and higher, at the same time, houses are increasingly scarce. Low price, low down payment of the thaihot Central Plaza (real estate information) on days ago launched a new Chinese variety space is rare, the high cost of quality assets, let you easily get tickets first-tier cities. The Daxing rise, the value of regional potential according to related statistics, Daxing in 2005 the average transaction price of 5531 yuan per square meter, in 2016 the average transaction price close to 50 thousand square meters, which means that Daxing District in the past ten years the level of house prices per square meter rose nearly 10 times. In addition to the price rise of Daxing maintain speed, land prices are constantly breaking people’s imagination, in the first half of this year were sold two Huangcun to for example, the floor price of all exceeded 40 thousand square meters, the future of new home market sale price at 100 thousand! Located in the core area of Daxing thaihot Central Plaza, the future appreciation of limitless space. The Central Plaza Project CAC schematic diagram of the new Chinese space variety, taste the details of life thaihot central square represents a fine way of life, more representative of the details of the pursuit of high quality life. Taihe central square "new Chinese very amazing space" quality of life, in the design of the space, by the combination of Chinese elements and modern materials, China flavor exquisite reproduction. The material of the calm atmosphere, the layout of decorative wooden crafts, antique furnishings, elegant minimalist lines and color collocation, buzhuohenji convey "picking chrysanthemums Dongli, leisurely Nanshan see" feelings. Taihe Central Plaza project real map free purchase, low price, high cost in the face of rising housing prices in Beijing, some people say that is too expensive, dare not to think. Commercial Office of the low price advantage greatly reduces the threshold of home buyers, the characteristics of its free purchase also allow more people have the opportunity to stand in Beijing. Taihe Central Plaza as a regional representative of the commercial office and apartment, Metro Line 4 seamless connection, not far from downtown, the superior ecological resources, with its 60 thousand square meters of sports theme Central Park, 50 thousand square meters of high-end business, to create the one and only "park life at home". The house is equipped with smart home system, PM2.5 monitoring equipment, favored by buyers. And the recent launch of the new Chinese space is a rare variety of high cost of quality assets, let you easily get tickets in Beijing. The Central Plaza renderings CAC project address: No. 4 line Yihezhuang Beijing subway station (read Tan Park) Tel: 400-819-1111 610920相关的主题文章:

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