The school requires students in key class pay to buy not to buy computer must be out of class shuyue

The school requires students in key class pay to buy do not buy this computer must be out of class second is Yancheng District Experimental Middle school student named tablet computer "buy children admitted to the school of science and technology – the key class class, but must pay 3000 yuan to buy a certain brand of Unified School designated tablet computer, if you do not buy must go to other classes." Recently, Oriental Daily News reporter · the mammoth has received Luohe city junior high school students more than their parents, said the child’s school compulsory fees. The actual situation in the end how? This reporter conducted verification. · – Oriental Daily News reporter Intern Wang Junsheng Sun Xiaoyong; the mammoth Ventura complaint: "science and technology class" the student is required to pay 3000 yuan to buy a tablet computer "my children attend 1 classes in Luohe Yancheng District second experimental middle school grade seven class, is the focus of the school is called" science class. ". After the National Day this year, we received a notice from the school, so that the children with 3000 yuan to the school to the teacher, the unified purchase of tablet PCs, if you do not want to buy (children) was transferred to other classes." On the morning of November 2nd, Ms. Wu told reporters, I think, the school is very difficult to collect fees. The condition is good, the family has no pressure, but for some poor families, it is difficult. Do not buy a tablet computer, no matter how good the child did not study in science and technology class qualifications?" Another parent, Mr. Wu called, said his family condition is not bad, the money has been the first time to bring the child to school, but I do not agree with this practice. It is clear that the uniform purchase of the designated brand Tablet PC, it is necessary to say there is no interest in the presence of no one believe. This is not a proper school." Whether the thing is like the home says? The afternoon of November 4th, at the door of Yancheng District Second Experimental Middle School, the reporter saw seven grade 2 classes, more than 10 red Xiaotao parents. All the parents that the "do matter", and have to pay to buy a tablet computer. One surnamed Liu parents admitted that their family conditions are not good, but also made up, "after all, children in school, not afraid of the money to buy a bad impression". Survey: do not buy a tablet computer class to let students must turn to concentrate on their studies, many schools issued regulations, no electronic devices students carry mobile phone and tablet computer into the campus, Yancheng District Second Experimental Middle School why students agreed to buy a tablet computer? Reporters learned that the school to buy a tablet computer installed with a synchronized textbook of various subjects, the classroom, the teacher can at any time through the layout of the software and direct correction in the above. Before looking at the blackboard in class, the class is now mostly at the tablet computer for a long time, the eyes swollen and painful." During the interview, the school students of anonymity, said the school has a total of two science classes, each class has 50 students, each student has to buy, but the school let other tablet computer function to buy tablet computer and on the market compared to more than just a "operation box" software; used to do in class, after class save unified into the cupboard, the weekend to take home. )相关的主题文章:

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