The stars behind the passing from your world, Xu Zheng Lu Chuan praised the new network – in doat

The stars behind the "passing from your world", Xu Zheng Lu Chuan praised Beijing creative photo – red carpet in new network on 26 September, 25, the movie "passing from your world premiere red carpet ceremony" held in Beijing. The original writer Zhang Jiajia, director Zhang Yibai and starring Deng Chao, special star Bai Baihe, starring Yang Yang, Zhang Tianai, and other creative debut. Xu Zheng, Huang Bo, Dou Jingtong, Yoga Lin, Song Jia, Tan Weiwei, Xie Nan, Liu Yiwei, Xiao Shenyang, Huang Jue, Zhao Hongbo, Joe fir, somans, Wang Zhonglei and Fu Bin all star magnitude guest appearances premiere red carpet, director Guan Hu, Cao Baoping more days, Hao Ning, Lu Chuan, Yang, Guo Zijian, Yang Shupeng, beast called Yi Xing, Zhao Tianyu, Tian Yusheng until the field campaign for movie site. Dou Jingtong     red carpet, star guests viewing and creative exchange site guests include Nicholas Tse, Wang Yuelun, Wu Minxia etc.. They have said that the concept of the movie in the movie to see all the people love, and many tears, touched by romantic stories and pictures. Nicholas Tse back to the scene after the video conference, Xu Zheng, Lu Chuan, Guan Hu, Cao Baoping composed of the director group, are said to be impressed by the performance in this movie is a good love. Xu Zheng felt that the film is very good, also did not forget to tease him to Hao Ning: "different director to shoot the same city, temperament is completely different. A white took Chongqing very beautiful." Lu Chuan said: I remember when we went to the film academy, the teacher said that 90 minutes of the film can not hide the truth, so I think a white film, showing his belief in love. I think this is one of the best works in white. It’s really good. Congratulations!" Xu Zhenghuang Bohai "passing each other" movie "passing from your world" will be screened in the country in September 29th.相关的主题文章:

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