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Star " transformation plan: " Song Joong Ki coach Wu Yifan play basketball – short track Beijing since ancient times, regardless of family style sports athletes, cross-border literary circles have been quite frequently, especially in recent years more and more rich entertainment resources, sports star entertainment transformation more diversified. In addition to the Olympic Games is a sports event, it is a big star factory, dial the sports stars at the Rio Olympics shine, they kill a fastball, break records, when the anchor, go with the red carpet. In the current economic development of the fans, their star potential has been noticed in the entertainment industry, after retirement if they have to develop, they can also make a career in the entertainment industry. Entertainment is a circle, the circle should be cautious if the above may be in the entertainment circle rising star of the transition issue has disturbed, then you can learn from our predecessors. There have been a lot of people in the sports circle to the literary and art circles, the comprehensive analysis of the success stories, you can sum up some of the rules for reference to the stars. To maximize the expertise present reality show is an important springboard sports star transformation of art circle, two years Liu Xiang, Feng, Sun Yang, Ning Zetao and other recently? Many athletes in all kinds of reality show and embodies their athleticism and physical ability. But the periodicity of the inherent characteristics of TV reality show decided to not always maintain the existing heat, so in the process of sports star entertainment transformation is more easy way, is to maximize the strengths, make good use of their main items. You must call Zou Shiming here. In reality show Zou Shiming holding several sports stars in red channels is relatively special, his main focus at present is still placed in the occupation boxing tournament, but also by participating in the "daddy go" and other variety shows to maintain personal heat. In 2014, Zou Shiming guest starred in the "Transformers 4" at the crucial moment, draw a sword and render help hero Passers-A, beat "CIA agent" plot, boxing Zou Shiming although it is also a good to hear or see, no lines for the role of soy sauce, but Zou Shiming has won the praise. Clear positioning to avoid blindly into sports Yan high value, is a good athlete and not everyone There are plenty of people who, can enter the literary circle, but also not every showbiz people are suitable for starred in the TV drama, only to clarify their position to avoid blindly, it is more likely to gain a foothold in the entertainment circle. Hu Bing, Niu Li, Zuo Xiaoqing and other early athletes born star basically choose starred in TV dramas, their advantage is the high value of Yan, savvy, only through several works on honing out acting by the audience. For example, synchronized swimming athlete Hong Tao, who won the national championship, World Cup Group Fifth, in 1993 she was in Jiang Wen’s "sunny day" in Beibei plays into the film and television industry, the 1997 movie "black eyes" won the tenth Syria Damascus International Film Festival best actress. Relatively speaking, diver Tian Liang Yan value is quite extraordinary, but he in size on the screen is not a color performance. Do not give up the curve to save God to enjoy the meal, not Lin相关的主题文章:

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