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"The ultimate mission" hit Liu Xiaojie: Blood War tender – Sohu entertainment Liu Xiaojie Liu Xiaojie stills Sohu entertainment news "ultimate" series final chapter "the ultimate mission" has a grand star, as has the popularity and reputation as the "successor", "the ultimate mission" to bring the audience into a new spy the stage to the audience a different experience. As the play female one "Yao Ke" faction actress Liu Xiaojie, the shouldering the global framework of emotional drama. Although the ultimate mission is to talk about the story of the war of resistance to the male, but let Liu Xiaojie play the beautiful translation officer cut into the main line, can be described as full of thought, quite novel. For the role of "Yao Ke", she is a step by step from the translator into intelligence, from the initial to later refined absolutely ignorant of skill, the development of plot and character changes that not only in front of spy has a considerable amount, but also provided a lot of power and resistance to emotional line. The plot development take the feelings of the line, and the front double spy, can make between male and female emotion more intense and true. Liu Xiaojie has always believed that the character of a person is not a single side, she will be based on the development of the story will be multi-faceted state. In the Spy Drama increase the emotional scenes, in her opinion is necessary. Liu Xiaojie said, a good spy film in addition to show the patriotic enthusiasm, also should be close to life to show the spread of tenderness exist in the war, the soldiers also after all people. So "Yao Ke" in the spy on the front of experience and growth, but also has great influence on the line in the feelings of her. The most obvious point is that when you want to choose between their personal and national interests, "and the inner game of Yao Ke" and the hero, two people will be affected. More exciting, please continue to lock the ultimate mission.   相关的主题文章:

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