The Wenzhou captain for the fugitive criminal investigation case photo (Figure) a bedside Screensave yezimei

The Wenzhou captain for the fugitive criminal investigation case photo (Figure) a bedside Screensaver Chen Jiujian in the analysis of the case. Recently, Wenzhou Yongjia County town of a high-end residential households were more than the night burglary, after the incident, the criminal investigation squadron as captain Chen Jiujian in the video, with several players in the final video monitoring room Dunshou 6 days, in a series of videos, determine the identity of the suspect and the foothold, the two suspects arrested. In this way the criminal investigation, 34 year old Chen Jiujian has been held for 12 years. In the case of Chen Jiujian squadron worked for 5 years, has cracked more than 150 cases of malignant, of which there are more than 60 cases of murder. In the clear network operations for many years, Chen Jiujian through a variety of means of pursuit of fugitive arrested all kinds of more than 40 employees, more than and 10 of whom are murder fugitive. In fact, Chen Jiujian sometimes fugitive photos at home in bed, the fugitives photos set for the computer screen to remember each fugitive appearance. A few years ago, he was in a snack shop, see the shop door through a man, even one really knew this man was a fugitive 10 years of criminal suspects, and soon arrested him. Two years ago, Chen Jiujian was transferred to the forensic video reconnaissance squadron presided over the work, and often in the previous detection of major cases in the accomplishment, is highly appreciated by the leadership of the chamber, last year, the combined operations of Yongjia County Public Security Bureau, the efforts of the Chen Jiujian, a synthetic war room in Wenzhou City honorary title.相关的主题文章:

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