The world’s first Skoda kodiaq in 2017 will be the domestic market (video) exit safe mode

Skoda Kodiaq the world’s first domestic market in 2017 will be Beijing time on September 2nd, Skoda released its new medium SUV:Kodiaq in Berlin germany. Kodiaq is based on the VisionS concept car to build a prototype of the new 7 SUV models, based on the popular MQB platform to build, and the use of the 5 and the 7 layout of the two. The new car is expected to be at the November Guangzhou Auto Show (micro-blog) at first, the two quarter of 2017 domestic, become the Skoda family in the country’s first intermediate SUV models, and Yeti together to compete for the market in the fiery SUV market. Domestic made in early 2017! Skoda Kodiaq car Skoda special love to appreciate is named for the animal model names, speaking of name of Skoda Kodiaq, it comes from living in the United States in southern Alaska Codia J Island (Kodiak) on the Codia J bear, Codia J male bear standing height up to 3 meters, weighs 400 kilograms, is the world’s largest brown bear. As a 7 medium-sized SUV (there will be 5 models, Kodiaq optional) the overall look is very atmospheric, other design style continues the Skoda VisionS concept car, the Skoda family front styling, headlight group into the LED lamp group, straight waterfall grille with a sharp headlights group LED. Sideways lines tough, properties of silver roof rack also highlight SUV models. The tail of C type in-line LED taillights very brisk, the overall shape of the curve and the mass Tiguan (hale, ginseng, pictures, inquiry) compared to not strive. Kodiaq two crystal elements headlight design symbolizes the lucky clover design concept, the design of crystal line is also reflected in other parts of the body, such as the headlight taillight design echoes. The side view, the body lines straight, Skoda Kodiaq tough, square wheel arch is Skoda SUV design language of the main elements, rim shape looks very dynamic, the entry-level models come standard with 17 inch wheels, with models in the configuration of 18 inch wheels, and optional 19 inch wheels provide maximum. Tail, the car taillights design is very stylish with C band shape, the whole system is LED light source. In addition, the tail of the 4X4 on behalf of the car is equipped with four-wheel drive system. The Skoda Kodiaq family with a Skoda interior design, there are a variety of optional built-in combination, a conventional fabric interior and fabric, leather fabric and leather mixed with optional. From the scene can be seen in the console equipped with 8 inches capacitive touch screen, equipped with a new SmartLink system, compatible with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and MirrorLink interconnect applications. Both sides of the central control panel are designed with a vertical air outlet. The dashboard of the new car uses a double dial design, the central driving computer using color display screen. Due to the application of the MQB platform as well as the Volkswagen Group to share technical resources, the car is equipped with a 360 degree image, parking radar, a key start,.相关的主题文章:

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