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This year will increase 1000 beds in midwifery – public – JINGWAH times cartography Yang Jianing yesterday, a reporter from the City Planning Commission was informed that the Beijing city delivery volume this year is expected to exceed 300 thousand. In response to these circumstances, Beijing will increase 1000 beds this year more midwifery, carrying 60 thousand deliveries, before the end of this month, the public will have the midwifery agencies need to ward unified adjustment by the bed space for common ward. In addition, to ensure that each pregnant women filing, will be the implementation of security measures to reveal all the details of filing. Keywords – recent security monitoring register file archiving district to cope with the challenges, the city health and Family Planning Commission, the municipal development and Reform Commission and other 5 departments jointly issued the "notice on the implementation of the two child policy to increase the overall midwifery service resources". For pregnant women filing difficult problems, we should perfect the monitoring and warning mechanism. The district to pregnant women community books and obstetric documentation to monitor the situation, make "contingency plans" maternity filing, scheduling, reasonable adjustment of service resources of midwifery institutions. Secondly, put forward the safeguard measures of pregnant women filing out, the establishment of pregnant women filing service center in the city and District Maternal and child health hospital, the jurisdiction for filing difficulties of pregnant women, the book built community in accordance with the grid docking coordination solution, there are still difficulties, step by step to the District, city service center to coordinate and solve the pregnant women filing, guarantee every pregnant women filing. Again, the strict implementation of the three level classification of pregnant women filing, midwifery institutions of high-risk pregnant women filing rate increased from 40% to 80%. Keywords maternal pre pregnancy check to improve coverage for high-risk pregnant women increased the problem, put forward the "notice", strengthen the management of high risk pregnancy. Smooth critical pregnant women referral green channel, do a lot of discipline consultation, blood and rescue work. Enhance the service ability of motherhood. Strengthen midwifery training, improve midwifery skills; the reasonable control of the rate of cesarean section, improve the utilization rate. In addition, to increase the intensity of health education. To carry out maternal health care knowledge and policy advocacy to strengthen eugenics full service; to prevent and reduce the perinatal risk factors; vigorously promote marriage, marriage registration, eugenics counseling one-stop service; improve the pre pregnancy health examination project coverage, do the reproductive service consulting, do a good job of risk disclosure of high-risk pregnancy pregnancy and should guide people to determine rational family planning. Keywords bed ward adjustment is proposed for ordinary "notice", more than 1000 maternity beds through three channels, is expected to more than 60 thousand bearing deliveries. Among them, the municipal midwifery institutions will increase about 340 obstetric beds. Before the end of this month, the public will have the special wards of midwifery institutions unified adjustment by the bed space for common ward. The finance department to adjust the closed ward and inter department of maternity beds increases give financial subsidies, the Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital has been adjusted. In addition, the relevant medical institutions through cooperative leasing, purchase and other ways to expand service resources. In addition, also intends to increase 800 midwives. Keywords Hospital of Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital in long-term security – start new off-site "notice" is put forward in the long term)相关的主题文章:

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